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The Three Lights in their
sentai movie costumes

Sentai (戦隊; combat team), a shortened form of Super Sentai (スーパー戦隊), is a name given to a subset of the tokusatsu genre, and is one of the three major TV tokusatsu traditions (the other two being Ultraman and Kamen Rider). In a sentai show, the main characters form a team (usually five people) who have special powers, wear colored, similar outfits, and fight monsters who try to take over the Earth. The most commonly known sentai series in North America is Power Rangers, but there has been a large number of such series in Japan since Goranger started it in the 70s.

The Sailor Moon series is considered by some to be a sentai series, and if it does not completely fit the genre, it at least draws upon the ideas thereof. Also, in the Sailor Moon anime, the character of Redman was from a sentai series, and the Three Lights made a sentai movie in episode 183, which was shown on the airplane in episode 188. As a tokusatsu production itself, the live-action version is sometimes classified into the sentai genre, although it still does not meet all the major criteria. However, its production staff have also worked on some "orthodox" sentai series.