Shadow On My Sweet Memories

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Shadow On My Sweet Memories was a song from the Sailor Moon musicals. It was a duet between Usagi and Mamoru, and was featured in Shin Densetsu Kourin and Kessen / Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban) - Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo.



追いかけてくる Sweet Memories

数えたらきりがない Sweet Memories

いつでもふたり ひとつになれるよ

離れていても ひとつになろうね

なのに なぜ この胸さわぎ
Shadow On My Sweet Memories


Wasureyou to sureba suru hodo
Oikakete kuru Sweet Memories
Sore nara omoikiri omoidasou to
Hitori de koko ni kita no yo

Mimimoto ni nokoru toiki ya
Dakiatta T-shatsu no mune
Kazoetara kiri ga nai Sweet Memories

Shiawase na omoide aru kagiri
Itsudemo futari hitotsu ni nareru yo

Shiawase na omoide taguriyose
Hanarete ite mo hitotsu ni narou ne

Nano ni naze kono mune sawagi
Shadow On My Sweet Memories

English Translation[edit]

The more I try to forget
The more I bring up Sweet Memories
And so I remember, with all my heart
That I'm here, all alone

Long breaths remain close to my ears
My T-shirt embraces my chest
Counting endless, Sweet Memories

As long as there are sweet memories
Two people will always become one

Sweet memories are pulled together
When separated, they'll reduce to one

But still, why? My heart is disturbed
Shadow On My Sweet Memories


  • Fumina Hara remarked that this song was difficult for her to perform, but also one which she enjoyed the most.