Shine Snow Illusion

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Shine Snow Illusion in Crystal
Attack Name: Shine Snow Illusion
Attack Name (kanji/kana): シャイン・スノー・イリュージョン
English Name: Shine Snow Illusion
Performed by: Sailor Mercury
Item Required: None
First Used (anime): Act.16 Yuukai - SAILORMERCURY -
First Used (manga): Act 16 Yuukai SAILORMERCURY

Shine Snow Illusion was an attack used by Sailor Mercury in the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. In this attack, Sailor Mercury created a powerful and freezing storm which she blasted at her enemy. When used in Crystal, it also created several decoy illusions of Sailor Mercury.

The attack was only used once in Act 16 of the manga and the corresponding Crystal episode to fight off Berthier, but it proved ineffectual against her.


Shine Snow Illusion in the manga