Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga

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Chapter Data
Sailor V fights Lurga with Amano's help
Name (kanji/kana): 対決!セーラーV vs. 電脳少女闘士ルゥガ
Name (romaji): Taiketsu! Seeraa V vs. Dennou Shoujo Toushi Ruuga
Name (translated): Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 6
Previous Chapter: The Machinations of the Dark Agency
Next Chapter: Sailor V on Vacation - Desire for Hawaii!

Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga was the sixth act of the Codename: Sailor V manga.


Minako oversleeps and has to be dragged out of bed by her mother. She quickly gets ready and runs off for school with Artemis, upset that she is so late. As she goes, however, she finds her way blocked by some kids bullying some younger children. She transforms into Sailor V and berates the bullies for their behavior and for making her late, then uses Sailor V Kick on them. As the small children cheer her on, she charges off again, but doesn't make it to school on time. Artemis tells her that if she didn't stay up all night playing video games she might be able to get up in the morning.

In class, Hikaru and Minako talk about a new video game, Cyber Girl Warrior Lurga, and Amano chimes in with a magazine describing it. He says that the Game Center Crown has a copy of the game, and adds that they also have the Sailor V game, which he loves.

At the police department, Natsuna Sakurada looks over reports, commenting on all the incidents going on lately where all the work is being done by Sailor V. She turns to Toshio Wakagi and tells him that he's fired, but he insists that Sailor V is simply stealing all the credit. The superintendent tells him that if he doesn't want to be fired for real he needs to catch Sailor V, then boots him out of her office. Once he's gone, Natsuna cuddles up to her Sailor V poster and declares that she will win Sailor V over to the police department.

At the Dark Agency, Danburite reads the newspaper, noting that video game companies are doing very well lately. Lurga tells him that he will definitely gather lots of energy so they can conquer the Earth.

Outside of the Crown, Usagi and Naru peek in the window, wishing they could go inside to play the Sailor V game, but they don't dare. Minako arrives at the arcade just in time to see Toshio glaring at the Sailor V poster, and observes that he is very cool. Motoki greets Minako, and notes that it would be good for business if more girls like her came to the arcade, because that would improve its reputation. She sees the crowd around the Lurga game and spots Amano off to one side; he tells her that he couldn't get through the crowd so he went to play something else. Motoki says that the new game uses virtual reality technology, so it feels like you're actually fighting. Minako works her way through the crowd and is amazed by how realistic it looks. The people in line get upset at her for trying to cut and she quickly leaves.

Rei walks past the arcade, noting that there is something ominous about it. Her friends tell her it's not ominous, just dirty, and keep walking.

Minako leaves the arcade, disappointed that she didn't get to play. Amano comes up to her and shows her an SNES version of the game, which he's willing to let her borrow. Minako excitedly runs home and goes to play, but her mother gets angry with her and takes the game away, ordering her daughter to study instead of playing stupid games. In the meantime, fights begin to break out in arcades and homes between people over the game.

When Minako arrives at school the next morning, she finds her classmates fighting and insisting that they need to go home and play the game. Minako's pen beeps in her pocket, and Boss tells her that this is part of a plot by the Dark Agency, using the video game. Minako and Artemis run off to the Crown.

The two of them arrive at the arcade and find the crowd so thick that they can't get inside. Lurga watches over the mob, gloating about siphoning their anger.

Amano goes to a used game store and as he is making a purchase, Minako bursts in and starts to tell him about a serious situation, but he interrupts and invites her to see a new "cool thing" that he got. Minako is immediately distracted, to Artemis' disgust, and goes along with Amano.

Amano's purchase turns out to be a special piece of equipment that will let them play the arcade version of the Lurga game on the SNES. When he sets it up, though, Lurga appears, angry that someone is messing with her software. Minako is upset that she can't transform in front of Amano, and runs into the other room. She uses the compact to disguise herself as a maid, then comes back into the room and kicks Amano out, telling him he is in danger.

Once he is gone, Minako transforms into Sailor V and confronts Lurga, who challenges her to a fight. Sailor V finds herself shrinking, turned into a character in the game. Amano kicks in the door and Sailor V calls to him for help, telling him to come play the game. With Amano's help, Sailor V fights Lurga, then pulls out the compact and uses Crescent Beam to destroy her. Sailor V pops back out of the game and hugs Amano in thanks, but he faints. She uses Sailor V Chop to destroy the game, but it unexpectedly explodes; Toshio bursts into the apartment and finds her there, but she disappears before he can stop her. Amano is in awe that he was able to fight along with Sailor V, but Toshio curses her name.