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The Spectre Sisters, or Ayakashi no Yon Shimai (あやかしの四姉妹) were a group of four members of the Black Moon Clan: Petz, Calaveras, Berthier, and Koan. They appeared in the second season of the anime and the Black Moon arc of the manga. Under the command of Rubeus, they came to 20th-century Tokyo in search of Chibiusa.


In the anime, the four sisters were eventually reformed and were turned human by Sailor Moon.


In the manga, each sister was killed by Sailor Moon after a battle with her Senshi counterpart. Koan, Berthier, and Petz all managed to capture their counterpart Sailor Senshi, but Calaveras was unable to capture Sailor Venus.


Petz, Calaveras, and Koan appeared in the musical Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady, and in its revision Berthier was also present with her sisters. In this continuity they had a group attack called "Black Vicious Crystal," performed with Esmeraude in the first musical and with only the four sisters in the kaiteiban.


  • Ayakashi is a general term for different types of supernatural monsters or phantoms that appear above the surface of the water. Noh theater masks portraying a male ghost or violent deity are also called ayakashi (怪士).
  • In the anime, after they became human, the Spectre Sisters opened a cosmetic stand called "Beauty Quartetto."
  • The ADV subtitles called them "The Four Phantom Sisters." In the Mixx manga they were referred to as "The Four Sisters of Deception," while the original Kodansha release called them the "Spectre Sisters." In the Eternal Edition of the manga, they were called the "Supernatural Sisters."
  • In the first English dub they were variously referred to as "The Four Sisters," "Twisted Sisters," "Weird Sisters," and "Four Sisters of Nemesis."
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