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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Supreme Thunder in the manga
Attack Name: Supreme Thunder
Attack Name (kanji/kana): シュープリーム・サンダー
English Name: Supreme Thunder (Kodansha manga, Viz dub, Cloverway dub); Jupiter Thunder (Mixx manga); Jupiter Thunder Crash, Jupiter Thunderbolts Crash, Supreme Thunder Crash, Supreme Thunder (dub)
Performed by: Sailor Jupiter
Item Required: Tiara (manga, anime only)
First Used (anime): Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love
First Used (manga): Act 7 Mamoru Chiba TUXEDO MASK
First Used (PGSM): Act 6 - The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter
Supreme Thunder was an attack used by Sailor Jupiter in all versions of Sailor Moon.


Supreme Thunder in the anime

Supreme Thunder was first used in the anime in episode 25, against Gesen, one of the Seven Great Youma reincarnated as Crane Game Joe.

Sailor Jupiter began Supreme Thunder by crossing her arms over her chest with her index and pinky fingers extended. Then the lightning rod hidden inside her tiara extended, crackling with electricity. Lightning rained down from the sky, collecting around the rod until she extended her arms and sent it toward the enemy.

Sometimes, before performing the attack she would call out "Waga shugo Mokusei yo! Arashi wo okose! Kumo wo yobe! Ikazuchi wo furaseyo!" (我が守護木星よ!嵐を起こせ!雲を呼べ!雷を降らせよ!; My guardian Jupiter! Brew a storm! Call the clouds! Bring down the lightning!).


In the manga, Sailor Jupiter first used Supreme Thunder against Zoisite, who had grabbed Sailor Moon. When she performed this attack, her tiara appeared to collect electricity from the atmosphere, allowing her to propel it in the form of lightning bolts toward her target.

She used a very similar attack earlier in the manga to defeat Nephrite, though it was never named in the original edition. In the reprint manga it was called Jupiter Thunderbolt.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

Supreme Thunder was first used in the live-action series in Act 6, to destroy the Youma who had been possessing Takeru.

To perform the attack, Sailor Jupiter first spun around with one leg lifted high in the air as lightning flashed around her, then extended her arms and sent the attack towards the enemy. Unlike in the other versions, her tiara was not involved in the attack in any way.


Sailor Jupiter first used this attack in the musical Eien Densetsu, against Sailor Phi, Sailor Chi, and Sailor Theta. It was used often in the following musicals as well.

The attack was performed as in the anime: Sailor Jupiter crossed her arms over her chest with her index and pinky fingers extended, spoke the name of the attack, then extended her arms while light and sound effects gave the impression of lightning striking the target. Sometimes, she would also call upon her planet in the same fashion as in the anime.

Video Games[edit]

Supreme Thunder appeared in many Sailor Moon video games, including Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Super Famicom), Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (arcade), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story (Super Famicom), Sailor Moon S (3DO), Sailor Moon SuperS - Various Emotion (Sega Saturn), and Sailor Moon SuperS: Shin Shuyaku Soudatsusen (Playstation).