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Cover version?[edit]

If the Japanese Wikipedia is to be believed, the version of the song that was used in Sailor Moon was indeed sung by Bin Shimada. Unfortunately, I doubt there are any more or less official sources that can confirm it. I do not currently have Japanese DVDs of S, but given the anime's tendency not to mention inserts in the ending credits, they might not help either. Maybe Nakayoshi Albums say something about that?.. --YnK 06:35, 7 March 2011 (MST)

You may try finding a clip of the original song at YouTube & then compare it w/ the version in the show, to see if they're the same or not. --210 06:46, 7 March 2011 (MST)
I once listened to an mp3 of the (presumably) original version of the song performed by Kariudo some time ago, and remember that version sounding different from what was in Sailor Moon S. The article on the anime at the Japanese Wikipedia lists Bin Shimada as the singer, and he is also in the cover list for that song in its article complete with the Sailor Moon episode number. I was actually interested in finding specifically a Sailor Moon-related source that would mention the song directly, just to make sure. Furthermore, unless I'm misreading what's written in that article I linked, Bin Shimada's version wasn't released on CD, so presumably non-related sources won't help anyway. --YnK 07:06, 7 March 2011 (MST)