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This is the kanji for the attack, if someone wants to input it:
-Kerochan no Miko 02:55, 15 May 2007 (MST)

Done. --210 05:49, 15 May 2007 (MST)


Why everyone says it's a "deep fog which disorient"? I admit there is a strange effect there, but I think it's a powerful atack, but she missed when she attacked the amazoness quartet. If you see the "galactica glaive surprise" you can see clearly it's an ofensive attack.


I agree, the galactica variant is clearly offensive, so I think the "normal" one should be too, just she missed or her objetive was not to damage the quartet. The other attacks didn't change their nature when they were "upgrated" to "galactica", they were just more powerful. And about anime effect, I don't think it's true to say that we didn't see any effect, because when she was using it, a large explosion was made, and the floor was damaged to (you can see it even when the purple light is growing from the glaive). All game variants are offensive too... even if it can not be seen as canon. E.Knight