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I noticed here that no one discussed the original sources (manga and anime) in trying to figure out the name of these transformation items, though the official guides were checked. I just wanted to make sure that due diligence was done, so I did check them. The original Japanese in the manga introduces them as "transformation items" (in katakana). This is even more ambiguous than just pens XD.

In the anime, Artemis simply refers to them all in that scene here (at 5:00) as a transformation set ("sorega atarashi henshin tsui to tsuushinkya" -> lit. there is new transformation set and communicators). It's hard to hear, especially for myself who is only a beginner in the language, so feel free to double check. Anyways, one of the guides I happen to own calls them "transformation pen" as was discussed in the archive, but the description also uses "kono suteikkuu" (ie. this stick/wand). Again, not exactly definitive.

All this is simply to say I'm glad we're using the toy name, because even the original sources don't use anything notable. Sorry for dredging up an old issue, but seeing that post made me curious like nothing else ;p --Diagnosed 13:04, 4 July 2010 (MST)