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A very fun episode. It's interesting that the anime writers thought it necessary to add love interests that sometimes seem to go against the spirit of the manga. Yuuichirou does not exist in the manga as that would interfere with Rei's Miko status, and her complete devotion to Usagi.

Several times in the early part of the S Series, Haruka or Michiru go about wreaking havoc on relationships, real or hoped for. This is the funniest of those, IMNHO.

A few little things of note:

A very Usagi-like performance when she catches Yuuichirou watching over Rei: stars in the eyes, wistful fantasizing about romance, and a great fourth wall sight gag with a big pink heart.

Haruka rides a "Yamada" motorcycle.

In the previous ep. Usagi was in shorts and rode Haruka's bike in the usual fashion. In this one, Rei rides side-saddle on Haruka's motorcycle, probably because she's in a skirt, or perhaps she just finds it lady-like. - "Moonstruck 11:42, 25 January 2007 (MST)"

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