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Am I the only one here that was diappointed by Yuuichirou being unceremoniously dropped in the middle of SuperS? It would have been good to see a secondary (or tertiary if you include Haruka and Michiru) romance in the series between him and Rei. Episode 99 showed that a possible romance plot could have been expanded upon. DoddyUK 17:16, 29 August 2006 (MST)

I havent seen Stars yet but I am disappointed that he an all the other minor regulars like Naru, Umino and the others got the shaft. :( GracieLizzie 17:21, 29 August 2006 (MST)
Hey, Ikuko appeared. For, like, a total of about twenty seconds in two episodes... dooky 17:38, 29 August 2006 (MST)
I agree whole-heartedly! SuperS and Stars really should have used the minor characters. Not showing Ms. Haruna is sad enough, since she probably doesn't teach at Usagi's new school, though I think it would be histerical if she walked into class prepared to teach fresh new high schoolers when in comes Usagi late as usual and poor Haruna-san is like "OH NOOOO! WHY ME!? Not her again!". But honestly, what's the big idea not showing Naru-chan? She is so developed for a minor character. Naru-chan's practically a main character in the first 2 seasons. Sadly the secondary characters that provide comical support/interesting situations got put in the corner when we got the outer senshi came in. Yuuichirou is a big favorite of mine and I love his episodes, he deserved an Stars episode deticated to just him and Rei. Heehee I use his "It's a miracle BORN OF LOVE!" line sometimes. Speaking of love Ryo Urawa had such a nice relationship with Ami why didn't they expand on it? His appearance made me love Ami, it showed she is able to love even though she is a study-holic (AMI: Hyccup! I'm addicted to studyhol!!!!). But really Ryo was really fun and cute in a mildly suicidal way (every time he appeared he sacraficed himself). Plus Ami seemed to care about him a LOT, plus I like his story so much better than if she went with Mercurious or Zoicite (Zoi/Ami is oogy to the highest level, he's a friggin' drag queen even in the manga). Bottem line the writers don't utalize the charm that they gave the minor characters that we fans over analize... a sad truth.

Kudos to the image chosen since it can show at least one of his eyes. lol --210 19:35, 13 September 2007 (MST)

I reverted the edit re: the Viz dub actor for now, because we need an actual source for who exactly is playing him. In a quick search I can't find anything solid either way, so I'm going to keep looking - if anyone has a solid source, please post. Kerochan no Miko (talk) 22:41, 18 November 2015 (MST)

Before anyone starts messing with the Viz voice actor again, Wally Wingert says on his website that he played Yuuichirou. Kerochan no Miko (talk) 10:05, 1 May 2019 (EDT)