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The following is a list of disguises that the Sailor Senshi have made using their Teletia S phones in the live-action series.



A model[edit]

A girl on the street[edit]

A miko[edit]

A partygoer[edit]

  • Episode: Act 4 - Sneaking into the Party!
  • Reason: Trying on dresses so she could sneak into the party. (As the party turned out to be a costume party, Usagi did not actually use any of the dresses.)

A street basketball player[edit]

A maintenance worker[edit]

Tuxedo Mask[edit]

A nurse[edit]

A doctor[edit]


A miko[edit]

A street basketball player[edit]


A street basketball player[edit]

An idol[edit]


A police officer[edit]

A nurse[edit]


  • It was not shown in the TV series that Minako used her Teletia S to change her costume. However, in the DVD/VHS special, Act Zero, she did use it to transform into Sailor V.
  • In Act 4, Usagi and Ami might have used their phones to create costumes for the party, but if so it was never actually shown on screen.
  • In Act 12, Usagi might have used her Teletia S to create her Santa disguise, but if so it was never shown.
  • The phones were used several times to simply procure a change of clothes for one of the girls without creating a specific disguise. Some examples of this include Act 30, when Usagi needed to change out of her school uniform into casual clothing, Act 31, when Makoto tried to find something to wear on her date with Motoki, and Act 34, when Ami and Rei were playing around and trying on different outfits.