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Enemy Attack
Attack Name: {{{Name}}}
Attack Name (kanji/kana): {{{JP Name}}}
English Name: {{{Dub Name}}}
Performed by: {{{Character}}}
Item Required: {{{Item}}}
First Used (anime): {{{Anime}}}
First Used (manga): {{{Manga}}}


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{{Enemy Attacks
| image                    =
| caption                  =
| color                    =
| Name                     = 
| JP Name                  =
| Dub Name                 =
| Character                =
| Item                     =
| Anime                    =
| Manga                    =
Color Scheme for Enemy Attack Boxes (replace the 'color' parameter with one of these)
Color Alignment
#cc99cc Dark Kingdom/Youma
#3399ff Black Moon Clan/Droid
#99cccc Death Busters/Daimon
#ff9999 Dead Moon/Lemures
#ff9900 Shadow Galactica/Phage
#ccffcc Misc. Evil (Fiore, Kaguya etc.)