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Do you remember the one where Minako first met Artemis and became Sailor V? The Birth of Sailor V! was the first chapter of the Codename: Sailor V manga.

Minako Aino is in gym class, and spoils a perfect dismount from the high bar when she lands on a strange white cat. She wants to show off because she is in a good mood, as this is the day she plans to deliver a love letter to her senpai, Higashi.

In class, her teacher catches her eating and chides her for not paying attention and for her poor grades. The white cat watches her through the window and wonders about her, but a voice comes from the pen he carries, assuring him she is the one.

Minako is assigned to tutoring by an older student because of her poor grades, and is thrilled to find out that Higashi-senpai will be her tutor. He tells her that she would look pretty with a big red ribbon in her hair. Higashi is then called away by Haneda, and Minako wonders if she is his girlfriend, but tells herself that she can't be, but she, Minako, will be sure to win him over.

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