The Ambition of Petite Pandora

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Chapter Data
Amano tells Minako about Petite Pandora
Name (kanji/kana): プチ・パンドラの野望編
Name (romaji): Puchi Pandora no Yabou Hen
Name (translated): The Ambition of Petite Pandora
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 4
Previous Chapter: Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition
Next Chapter: The Machinations of the Dark Agency

The Ambition of Petite Pandora was the fourth act of the Codename: Sailor V manga.


Minako is sleeping late when her mother bursts into the room, demanding to know when she plans to get up. She yells at her daughter for sleeping in her clothes and getting her uniform all wrinkled. Minako says she was tired because she has other things to do, and begins to say that she is Sailor V, the soldier of justice, but Artemis stops her.

Minako declares that since the weather is good she is going to go shopping with Hikaru. She has a ton of homework she needs to do, but says she can just use her magic pen to deal with it. Artemis chides her running around and catching criminals, which is a job for the police, instead of training for her important duty.

At the police department, Toshio Wakagi angrily rants to the superintendent about how Sailor V is embarrassing them all. The superintendent tells him that if he has a problem he should go do something about it instead of complaining, then kicks him out of her office. Once he's gone, she pulls out a large Sailor V poster and admires it, saying that someday she will win Sailor V over to the police department. In the meantime, Toshio angrily declares that he will get Sailor V, someday.

Elsewhere, a pretty girl idol looks at a newspaper headline about Sailor V, and promises that she will kill the Sailor Senshi. She then goes out on stage, and her fans declare themselves to be her slaves.

The next day at school, Minako's classmates all talk about the new idol, Petite Pandora, and Hikaru wonders if there might be a connection between her and the idol Pandora who disappeared suddenly. Artemis and Minako wonder about this, as well.

At a bookstore, two boys admire a magazine with Petite Pandora on the cover. According to it, her trademark is "the world's cutest wink," and they wonder if it is true. They then see her standing nearby and she winks at them, immediately turning them into her brainwashed slaves. She heads off with them in tow and runs into Amano, but decides against brainwashing him.

Petite Pandora decides that, since Sailor V is a fighter for justice, she must be hiding out with the police. Therefore, she goes to the police department with a message, and there runs into Toshio. She is immediately infatuated with him and decides she needs to wink at him and enslave him, but he kicks her out of the building, saying that it's no place for children. She whines about her bad day and returns to her minions. Back at the police station, Toshio finds the message she had dropped and discovers it is a challenge to Sailor V, demanding that the Sailor Senshi meet Petite Pandora at Shiba Park or else she will kill all her slaves.

Toshio finds his fellow officers talking about all the missing-people cases lately and wishing that Sailor V would help them out. He immediately starts ranting about Sailor V and how aggravating she is.

Amano overhears the police talking about Petite Pandora's challenge to Sailor V on the radio and tells Minako about it. She grabs his magazine and notices how much the idol looks like the original Pandora. Her pen then beeps and she rushes off; once she is alone, Boss tells Minako about how fifty boys have been abducted, and Minako says that the suspect, Petite Pandora, has issued a challenge to her. Boss orders her to uncover the truth about Petite Pandora and, if she is an enemy, destroy her.

At Shiba Park, the police have gathered, waiting for Sailor V to show up. Minako notices them and decides to go on in disguise, and so uses her compact to disguise herself as a cute boy. Petite Pandora arrives in a blimp piloted by her slaves, then lowers herself down from it on a swing. She winks at the assembled policemen, brainwashing them, then spots Minako in disguise and swoons over "him." Minako uses the Crescent Boomerang to cut the ropes holding up the swing and transforms into Sailor V.

Petite Pandora declares that she is the younger sister of Pandora and intends to take her revenge. She orders her slaves to attack Sailor V, and the Senshi is quickly mobbed by the large crowd of brainwashed boys. At Artemis's urging, she uses Crescent Beam to destroy Petite Pandora, but as the girl melts away, she declares she will still win. As she melts, Petite Pandora gives off deadly fumes, and Sailor V uses the command Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower to make it rain and dissipate the gas. The brainwashed slaves all return to themselves and observe that the rain smells really nice.

Artemis orders Sailor V that from now on she needs to start her real mission, and Sailor V wonders what that could be. Artemis tells her that it is a secret. Just then, Toshio charges up to Sailor V and she quickly departs.