The Battle in a Demonic Dimension! The Sailor Senshi's Bet

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Episode Data
Professor Tomoe finds himself in Sailor Moon's debt
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 魔空の戦い! セーラー戦士の賭け
Name (Romaji): Makuu no Tatakai! Seeraa Senshi no Kake
Name (Translated): The Battle in a Demonic Dimension! The Sailor Senshi's Bet
Name (Viz Dub): Battle Inside the Demonic Space: The Sailor Guardians' Gamble
Episode Number: 118
Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Writer: Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Animation Director: Masahide Yanagisawa
Air Date: December 17, 1994
Previous Episode: Higher, Stronger! Cheers by Usagi
Next Episode: Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? Stars of Destiny
First English Dub Episode
Name: It's in the Cards
Number: 111
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: July 20, 2000
Previous Episode: Heightened Hazard
Next Episode: Goodness Eclipsed

When Mimete decides to help in the production of a Daimon, she accidentally creates an anomaly that fractures the dimensions inside the Tomoe residence, trapping Chibiusa and Hotaru.


Hotaru and Chibiusa are playing a variation of Old Maid at Hotaru’s house. Down in his basement laboratory, Professor Tomoe is about to make a new Daimon as Mimete looks on. She suddenly realizes it's time for tea, and the Professor remembers it's his turn to get snacks for everyone. After the Professor leaves on his errand, Mimete disparages his half measures in the making of Daimon, and overloads the Daimon Egg fusion chamber. She quickly realizes she's in over her head, and bails out as a strange and massive explosion rattles the house. Upstairs, Hotaru and Chibiusa realize something has happened. They quickly discover numerous displacements of the time-space continuum in every corner of the room. Chibiusa uses Luna P to contact the Sailor Senshi. When contact is suddenly broken, the Senshi head for Hotaru's house immediately.

More time-space anomalies are discovered by Hotaru and Chibiusa, and the last one, a lion coming through Hotaru's roll top desk, forces them to flee the room. On the other side of the door, they find themselves in a desert at night. When the door behind them disappears, they are left trapped in a labyrinth of distortions. Hotaru collapses and begins to despair, but Chibiusa tells her that help is coming, and that they must do their best until it arrives. Professor Tomoe returns from his errand to fetch snacks and finds the door to his house will not open. After attempting to break it down, he hears voices behind him, as Sailor Mercury explains what has happened to the house. He turns to see the Sailor Senshi standing behind him. Tomoe fears they have realized who he really is, but after Sailor Moon embarrasses everyone with a ridiculous introduction, he realizes they have only come to try and rescue Hotaru from whatever strangeness has happened to his house. Sailor Mercury explains that they have an hour before the house is irrevocably lost to the distortion.

Hotaru and Chibiusa walk through a jungle, complaining that they are hot and thirsty, only to find themselves suddenly in a frozen wasteland. Outside the house, the Sailor Senshi argue about how to get into the house, and Sailor Mercury interrupts them, explaining they cannot enter through the door or the stability of the distortion will be broken and the house lost. They instead use Sailor Teleport to gain entry, and find themselves looking at an alpine vista. Sailor Mercury assures them that they are still inside the house, and they begin to look for Hotaru and Chibiusa. Outside, Tomoe contemplates the irony that he must rely on the Sailor Senshi to rescue Hotaru, who is so critical to his plans. He settles down to wait and starts eating the snacks he bought. Just outside the gate of the house, Haruka and Michiru arrive to find Setsuna spying out the situation. Setsuna explains what has happened, and Haruka remarks that because Hotaru is so dangerous, it might be for the best if she is not rescued, even if it means Sailor Moon and her group are lost as well.

Now in a forest, Chibiusa is getting hungry and tired. She tries to walk it off, but the scenery changes and she finds herself halfway over a chasm. Hotaru grabs her, but isn't strong enough to pull her to safety, and both of them fall over the side. The Sailor Senshi arrive just in time for Sailor Venus to save them with the Venus Love-Me Chain. After momentarily blacking out, Hotaru awakens to hear Sailor Mercury explaining that they cannot teleport out with both Chibiusa and Hotaru. Hotaru begs them to take Chibiusa and leave her behind, because she is someone who should have never been born anyway. Sailor Moon insists that they will all get out together.

The Sailor Senshi, Hotaru, and Chibiusa finally arrive in what is recognizable as the house, where they discover the source of the distortions: a Daimon calling herself U-Ikasaman. Sailor Mercury explains they must defeat the Daimon to escape. U-Ikasaman prefers gambling to fighting, so she challenges the Sailor Senshi to a series of betting contests. She promises to let them all go if even one of them can beat her, but if not, they must be her gaming partners forever. One by one, they fall prey to her rigged games and are trapped inside giant playing cards, until only Chibusa and Hotaru are left. They challenge her to a game of Old Maid. Chibiusa proves to be good at the game and goes out first, but U-Ikasaman reneges on her promise and demands that Hotaru also beat her. Hotaru is terrified at how everyone’s fate now hangs on her choice, but the Senshi reassure her. She chooses the correct card, and then faints.

U-Ikasaman again reneges on her promise. Chibiusa transforms into Sailor Chibi Moon and attempts to hit her with Pink Sugar Heart Attack, but it takes two tries to work. When it finally does, it frees Sailor Moon from her playing card. Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon and destroys U-Ikasaman with Rainbow Moon Heartache, freeing everyone and returning the house to normal. The Sailor Senshi emerge through the front door, with Jupiter carrying the unconscious Hotaru. Professor Tomoe thanks them for rescuing her and then thinks to himself that one day they will deeply regret today's kindness. Outside the gate, Setsuna asks Haruka if she is disappointed, and Michiru says that, in fact, Haruka believes in Sailor Moon more than either of them.

Chibiusa leaves happy, her friendship with Hotaru affirmed yet again.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The playing cards all had the symbol of the Death Busters on them.
  • When Sailor Moon made her introductory speech to Professor Tomoe, she was wearing her old tiara with the red gem, instead of the tiara with the crescent moon which came with her "Cosmic" upgrade in episode 91.
  • In the original Cloverway English dub, Doctor Tomoe blamed Mimet for the dimensional rift on the house, though in the original version, he did not care whose fault it was. Venus Love-Me Chain was called "Venus Love Chain" instead of the usual "Venus Love Chain Encircle." When Sailor Jupiter played roulette against Ikasaman, she said, "I pick number 16," although the phrase "red 16" in the original episode is actually the proper way to play roulette.
  • In the Thai dub, as U-Ikasaman was destroyed, Youko Kawanami's voice could be heard before the Thai voice actress' voice.


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