The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus

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Episode Data
Haruka and Michiru meet for the first time
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 運命のきずな! ウラヌスの遠い日
Name (Romaji): Unmei no Kizuna! Uranusu no Tooi Hi
Name (Translated): The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus
Name (Viz Dub): The Bond of Destiny: Uranus's Distant Past
Episode Number: 106
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
Air Date: September 3, 1994
Previous Episode: Wanting More Power! Mako's Lost Path
Next Episode: Art is an Explosion of Love! Chibiusa's First Love
First English Dub Episode
Name: Related by Destiny
Number: 99
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: July 4, 2000
Previous Episode: People Who Need People
Next Episode: Art Appreciation

When an old acquaintance is targeted by the Death Busters, Haruka recalls how she first met Michiru and awakened as Sailor Uranus.


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Episode Trivia[edit]

  • The Daimon that appeared in the flashback closely resembled the Daimons of the manga.
  • When Sailor Neptune freed the trapped Sailor Senshi from Hurdler's rope, the white part of her right glove disappeared briefly.
  • Hurdler was almost entirely cut from the Korean dub, except for the scene where Sailor Neptune cut the Daimon's rope.


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