The Figure of a Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation

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Seiya struggles to balance schoolwork and the demands of a tough new director.


Episode Data
Sailor Mars stops Sailor Star Fighter from
attacking Sailor Director
Original Episode
Name (Kana): ファイターの正体! 衝撃の超変身
Name (Romaji): Faitaa no Shoutai! Shougeki no Chouhenshin
Name (Translated): The Figure of a Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation
Name (Dub): Fighter's Secret Identity: the Shocking Super Transformation
Episode Number: 176
Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Miho Shimogasa
Air Date: June 8, 1996
Previous Episode: Go for an Idol! Minako's Ambition
Next Episode: Dreams and Romance on a Star! Taiki's Transformation

The Three Lights are at a rehearsal for a new musical show. The director stops the rehearsal, telling Seiya to do it over again, and he gets annoyed that she is picking only on him.

At school, Usagi struggles with a math exam. At the desk behind her, Seiya is also having trouble, but it is because his thoughts are full of his anger at the director. He finally lets out a yell of frustration, startling the other students and causing Yaten and Taiki to smirk knowingly in his direction.

After school, Usagi and Minako talk about having to take the make-up exam. The Three Lights emerge from the school and they address Seiya, who also failed the test. Yaten and Taiki say his problem is with the director of their upcoming musical, and Minako waxes enthusiastic about the difficulties of being in a musical. Taiki comments that if Seiya fails the make-up exam as well, he will be held back. Rei suddenly appears and invites the Three Lights to join their study group; the three decline and head off to practice, and the girls follow, much to Rei's annoyance.

As the girls watch the practice, the director once again stops everyone and orders Seiya alone to do it over again from the beginning. She and Seiya argue, and the director finally accuses him of not being a real pro. The girls are taken aback by the director's strictness.

During a break, the girls sit in the lobby of the building with the Three Lights, who tell them about Akane, the director. Seiya begins ranting about how she is picking on him alone, which prompts Usagi and Rei to start arguing. Seiya interrupts them and declares that Akane just hates him. The director emerges from the practice room and snaps at the Three Lights for taking too long on break, then orders the girls to leave, because they are being a nuisance. When the director takes her sunglasses off, Rei recognizes her as Sister Angela.

Chuuko Nezu reads an article about the Three Lights' upcoming musical and its mysterious director, and thinks that Akane might be a good target. She pulls her special black phone out of her bag as it begins to ring and tells the person on the other end that she has a target lined up, then heads off to work.

At T·A Academy for Girls, Usagi and Seiya watch as Sister Angela walks out of the school and heads toward the chapel. Seiya confronts her inside of the church and asks her how she can be two things at the same time. She replies that she wants to do several things, not just choose one and give up on the rest. Seiya accuses her of only going halfway, but she retorts that she always puts forth her best effort, and he is the one only giving a halfhearted effort in his various roles.

The two of them sit down to talk, and Sister Angela says that she once went to a Three Lights concert, and she felt like the three of them were sending a message from the bottom of their hearts as they sang. She says that when Seiya sings he burns with radiance, but when he is practicing he is barely a smoldering cinder; she is offended that he feels he cannot use her musical to send his message, and refuses to give up on him until he lets his true self shine forth.

As the two of them leave, Usagi tells Seiya she is surprised that he is still willing to be in the musical after the way the director has treated him. Seiya thinks to himself that he has to do his best, even for that person. He changes the subject and asks Usagi if she has a boyfriend. She replies that she does, but he is overseas, and Seiya observes that he still has a chance. He then heads off toward practice, even though Usagi reminds him that the make-up exam is the next day.

Seiya arrives at the studio and tells Akane that he is ready to practice; she reminds him of the make-up exam the next day, but he is not concerned. She says that if he does not do well, she will replace him in his part, but he says that if there is someone who can shine better than he, that will be fine. As Seiya practices, Akane observes that he really has improved.

Usagi watches the practice and says that there is nothing to worry about, but Rei arrives and tells her that she needs to worry about being held back in class. Rei then grabs Usagi and drags her out the door, telling her to go study.

Akane glances at the time and suggests calling it a night, but Seiya insists that he wants to keep going. She instead goes to get a drink, and at the vending machine is confronted by Chuuko Nezu. Akane refuses an interview, saying that she does not want to be on TV and everything she has to say can be seen in her musical. Annoyed, Sailor Iron Mouse reveals her true identity and removes Akane's Star Seed. As Seiya watches in horror, Akane transforms into the Phage Sailor Director, and Sailor Iron Mouse takes her leave.

Seiya transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and attacks the Phage with Star Serious Laser. As she is about to finish off the Phage, Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon appear and stop her. Sailor Star Fighter is angry with them, saying that they cannot understand the reasons why she fights the way she does. Sailor Mars prepares Mars Flame Sniper but does not fire; she simply holds off the other Sailor Senshi long enough for Sailor Moon to heal the Phage with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. After the battle is done, Sailor Moon asks Sailor Star Fighter if they will meet again, and the new Sailor Senshi replies that she hopes Sailor Moon is not her enemy.

Seiya manages to get a 98 on his make-up exam, much to the shock of Usagi and Minako.

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