The Machinations of the Dark Agency

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Chapter Data
Minako finds herself in the Secret Base
Name (kanji/kana): ダーク・エージェンシーの院謀編
Name (romaji): Daaku Eejenshii no Inbou Hen
Name (translated): The Machinations of the Dark Agency
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 5
Previous Chapter: The Ambition of Petite Pandora
Next Chapter: Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga

The Machinations of the Dark Agency was the fifth act of the Codename: Sailor V manga.


Minako and Hikaru attend a concert for a three-boy band called the Dark Guys, and afterwards discuss the show excitedly. Hikaru suggests that they go listen to the group's new CD, but Minako admits that she can't because she wasn't supposed to be at the show in the first place. Just then Artemis finds Minako and gets angry at her; Minako makes excuses and leaves, and Artemis berates her for playing around. He also says that she needs to be careful around idols, after Pandora and Petite Pandora. Minako insists that the Dark Guys aren't evil, but Artemis notices that they belong to the Dark Agency, just like the Pandoras.

At school, the students discuss going to the Dark Guys' next concert, and Minako is disappointed that she can't go. Amano suggests that she listen to it with him on the radio, and Minako is surprised that he is a Dark Guys fan. He says that he isn't; he is a fan of their younger sisters, the twin idols Twin Dark.

In meantime, Toshio Wakagi is annoyed that he was assigned to a concert for the idol Dark Shizuka-hime, simply because Sailor V might show up. Inside the concert, though, the attendees become weak and dizzy as they listen to the music.

At the Dark Agency, Fluorite observes that with the Dark Guys, Twin Dark, and Dark Shizuka-hime, they have every age group covered, and plans are proceeding well for their next new idol. She receives a call from Danburite, and they discuss their plans to absorb energy using cloned copies of idols and thus rule the planet.

As Artemis walks down the street, he notices an abundance of ads for idols from the Dark Agency, and realizes that all the people he sees look tired and worn out. He rushes off to find Minako.

Minako tries to talk to Hikaru after school, but she only walks away, accidentally dropping her Dark Guys CD. Minako is excited to listen to it and grabs Amano's CD player; it starts to brainwash her into serving the Dark Agency, but Artemis arrives and knocks the earphones off and scratches her until she comes back to herself. He yells at her for falling into the enemy's trap and not doing her job. Minako yells back at him, saying that she's been doing the best she can and he won't tell her anything about her enemies or who she's working for. He gets frustrated and tells her that he will show her what she wants to know.

Artemis leads Minako to the Game Center Crown, and when she walks up to the Sailor V game the floor suddenly opens up, dropping her into the Secret Base. Boss greets her, and when asked says that his real form is a secret for now. He does tell her that the enemy is the Dark Agency, and that they are planning to steal energy from humans and conquer the Earth. He orders Minako to take action and fight the Dark Agency.

Minako arrives at the Dark Agency's "Dream Idol Fair" concert but can't afford the 10,000 yen admission price. She instead uses her compact to disguise herself. She first becomes a foot soldier in order to break through the door, then takes on the appearance of an idol and shows up on stage instead of Twin Dark. She makes a speech, then transforms into Sailor V and uses her Crescent Boomerang, which makes the crowd run and angers Fluorite. Fluorite orders her minions to attack Sailor V, and she uses Crescent Beam to destroy them. Fluorite attacks then and Sailor V uses the Crescent Boomerang again, but it doesn't stop the enemy; Sailor V uses the command Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower and the rain causes Fluorite to melt. Artemis congratulates Minako, but tells her that this enemy was far too weak to be the main one. Minako says she understands, and will train and prepare to beat the powerful enemy.

As Minako walks past Crown later, she passes a blonde girl with her hair in odango who is getting excited about the Sailor V game.