The Power Explodes! Ami's Song From the Heart

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Episode Data
Sailor Mercury awakens her new power
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 真のパワー爆発! 亜美 心のしらべ
Name (Romaji): Shin no Pawaa Bakuhatsu! Ami Kokoro no Shirabe
Name (Translated): The Power Explodes! Ami's Song From the Heart
Name (Viz Dub): True Power Explodes: Ami's Melody of the Heart
Episode Number: 151
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Mari Tominaga
Air Date: November 4, 1995
Previous Episode: Amazoness! The Nightmare From Behind the Mirror
Next Episode: Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack
First English Dub Episode
Name: Heartfelt Melody
Number: 144
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: October 27, 2000
Previous Episode: A New Nightmare
Next Episode: Dreams of Her Own

Ami becomes obsessed with a tune she found on the internet, and writes lyrics to it. Meanwhile, VesVes of the Amazoness Quartet targets the tune's composer.


As Ami listens to music on her laptop, Chibiusa suddenly appears behind her and startles her. Ami quickly covers what she was writing and observes that Chibiusa is early, but Luna says they aren't, and Ami realizes that everyone has arrived while she wasn't paying attention. Artemis chides her for not staying alert when the enemy is active. As she apologizes, Usagi steals her notebook and the girls start to pass it around and read what Ami was working on. The cats watch, dismayed that the girls are distracted from the enemy again.

Once Ami gets her notebook back, she plays the song she had been listening to earlier, explaining that someone had posted it on a computer network. She says that she was writing down words that came into her mind as she listened to the song. Usagi is confused about what a computer network is, and Diana explains that it is like a bulletin board between computers, and people can post their works there. Chibiusa asks what kind of person wrote the song, and Ami says all she knows is that the person's initials are "N.T." The girls start to speculate on who could have written the song. Chibiusa says she wishes she could meet that person, and Ami agrees.

At the Dead Moon Circus tent, the Amazoness Quartet chase Zircon around, trying to catch it. VesVes hits it with her whip and knocks it down so she can grab it, but Zirconia sets off a small explosion at the girls' feet and forces VesVes to let Zircon go. She snaps at the girls that if they have time to play around, they should hurry up and find the Golden Mirror. She gives them a picture of their next target, but it turns out all blurry. The Quartet wonder if they broke Zircon, and declare that they can't search after all because they can't figure out who is in the picture. Zirconia yells at them to go and accompanies her words with a blast of energy that sends the girls flying.

Back in their base, the Quartet whine about Zirconia and wonder how they're supposed to find the target with such a bad picture. PallaPalla takes the picture and uses her power on it, and it begins to play the song Ami had been listening to. PallaPalla says that their target must be a musician. VesVes says that doesn't help them, and the other three girls tell her that she broke Zircon, so they'll leave the search to her.

Ami writes a message to "N.T." telling him that she played his song for her friends and they liked it, and that she is writing a poem to go with the song. As she stares off into the sunset and sighs about how hard it is to write the lyrics, her doorbell rings. Her father has sent her a package with a sketch of a mountain by a lake, and Ami thinks that he always sends her a picture of a place he's been instead of a letter. She declares that she has the same artist's blood as her father, and she'll do her best.

The girls meet at Fruits Parlor Crown the next day, and Ami shows them the lyrics that she'd spent all night working on. Makoto and Chibiusa say that they're very good, but when Usagi takes the notebook Rei tells her that she couldn't give any good advice on the poem and to hand it over. The two of them start to bicker, and only stop when Diana arrives and declares that she's made an important discovery.

Diana leads them to a cafe where a man is playing a piano, and they recognize the song as the one Ami had found. They wonder if the man playing must be the mysterious N.T. At the same time, however, VesVes is also in the cafe, and thinks that he must be her target.

As the man leaves the cafe, he finds the girls waiting for him. They push Ami forward, and she shyly admits that she liked his song and had been trying to write lyrics for it. He asks her if she is Ami, and when she says yes, he introduces himself as Toshiyuki Nishino, then takes hold of her hand and enthusiastically greets her, saying that he has always wondered what kind of person she is. He suggests that they all come back with him to where he works, and they agree. As they walk away together, though, VesVes is watching them from the background.

Toshiyuki takes them back to a studio where his partner, Kyouko, is giving a piano lesson. The student leaves, and he introduces Ami to Kyouko. Minako whispers to Ami that it's too bad he already has a girlfriend, which makes Ami blush all the more.

They all sit down to talk, and Toshiyuki tells them that the two of them get by with piano lessons and occasional performances, but they don't mind how difficult it is because they dream of becoming famous composers. Ami watches Toshiyuki and Kyouko talking and becomes sad, thinking that she shouldn't be trying to write lyrics for a song composed by someone who works so hard for his dream. Toshiyuki asks Ami what her dream is; her friends interject that she's going to become a doctor, and Kyouko exclaims over how she must be smart. Ami looks even more downcast, and when Toshiyuki asks to see the lyrics she wrote, she says she needs to work on them some more, apologizes, and quickly leaves. As she turns away, though, Usagi sees how upset she is. She apologizes to Toshiyuki, and the girls all run after Ami. Once they're gone, however, VesVes arrives and suggests that he can play with her instead.

The girls find Ami outside, and she says that they're working so hard and love music, and she was just trying to write the lyrics for fun and bothered them. Makoto says that as long as her feelings were honest, there's nothing wrong with that, but Ami just insists she can't show them and runs away. As they watch her leave, the girls then hear Kyouko scream inside the studio and turn back.

Ami walks down the street by herself, looking at the notebook in her hands as she thinks about what her friends said to her. As she walks, Diana rushes up and tells her that Toshiyuki had been attacked.

Inside the studio, VesVes pins Kyouko to the wall with knives, then uses her Amazon Stone to extract Toshiyuki's Dream Mirror. VesVes sighs and whines that the out-of-focus photo was no good after all. The Sailor Senshi arrive and make their speech, and VesVes asks them if they aren't embarrassed to be doing that kind of thing at their age. Sailor Chibi Moon indignantly replies that they are champions of justice, and VesVes says they just have too much time on their hands. She summons the Lemures KeroKero Musume, who appears first as a cute tadpole before "powering up" into her real form. Ami arrives and sees what's going on, then tells VesVes to leave Toshiyuki alone. VesVes says she hates being ordered around, and throws her Amazon Stone at the girls, trapping them inside of Toshiyuki's computer. She zaps them with electricity as KeroKero Musume eats Toshiyuki's Dream Mirror, and Ami cries out in dismay.

She finds herself floating alone in an empty place, wishing that she had a strong enough power to protect everyone. A voice calls to her, telling her to feel the true power within herself. Sailor Mercury appears as the scenery around them shifts to the mountain and lake from the painting Ami's father sent, and she tells Ami to remember her dreams, and the feelings she had when she heard N.T.'s song and looked at her father's paintings. Ami realizes that what is important is how pure her heart is. The illusory Sailor Mercury embraces her, telling her to open her heart, and Ami asks for the courage to find her true power and protect everyone.

Ami opens her eyes and transforms with Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up, then uses her new attack Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to break out of VesVes's trap. While VesVes is dismayed that they escaped, Sailor Chibi Moon calls Pegasus and Sailor Moon uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy the Lemures. After VesVes flees Sailor Moon smiles and hands Ami the notebook she'd dropped.

Later, Toshiyuki and Kyouko finally look at the lyrics Ami wrote, and he says that he's stunned by how good they are. Kyouko observes that she had to have really loved the song to have written lyrics with so much emotion in them. He smiles and tells Ami that he'll do his best. Ami thinks that she has to do better, as well, so that her real dream can come true.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The introduction of this episode was visually similar to the one in episode 200, in that it had a single character against a screen that was white at the center fading to color at the edges, with a storm of flower petals raining down around them. In episode 200 the background was predominantly pink and featured Sailor Galaxia, whereas in this episode the color was blue with Ami.
  • The original TV airings for the first English dub and the Italian dub heavily edited the scene in which Ami spoke to Sailor Mercury to avoid showing any nudity, while the first Korean dub removed it completely. In the Hebrew dub this scene was edited to censor Ami's nude body. The second Korean dub edited the scene so that Ami was wearing a white swimsuit in wide shots. In the Azerbaijani dub, the scene was removed completely, along with her new transformation sequence.


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