Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship

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Episode Data
Sailor Moon confronts Zoisite in the graveyard
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): なるちゃんに笑顔を! うさぎの友情
Name (Romaji): Naru-chan ni Egao wo! Usagi no Yuujou
Name (Translated): Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship
Name (Viz Dub): Restore Naru's Smile: Usagi's Friendship
Episode Number: 26
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Akira Nakamura
Air Date: September 12, 1992
Previous Episode: Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love
Next Episode: Love for Ami? A Boy Who Can Predict the Future
First English Dub Episode
Name: The Power of Friendship
Number: 22
Company: DiC
Air Date: October 10, 1995
Previous Episode: Jupiter Comes Thundering in
Next Episode: Mercury's Mental Match

Naru is still devastated after the death of Nephrite, so Usagi and Umino take her on a trip to Yokohama to cheer her up.


Mamoru wakes from his recurring dream in which he is Tuxedo Mask, and a woman instructs him to find the Silver Crystal. He wonders if he is Tuxedo Mask, and if finding the Silver Crystal would clarify matters. Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite shows Queen Beryl the identity of the next Rainbow Crystal holder.

With Naru absent from school for a week, Usagi is concerned. She enlists Umino to help her cheer Naru up, although Umino has no idea of the real reason for her absence. After visiting her house, they agree to go out and have fun.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Luna provides Ami, Rei, and Makoto with new information about the Silver Crystal. Although she still doesn't know where to find it, she is aware of its power, and of the Rainbow Crystal fragments. She also says that the Moon Stick she gave to Usagi should respond to Rainbow Crystal holders. Rei is uncertain if it was wise to give Usagi the Moon Stick, but Luna pleads with her to give the other girl a chance. Unfortunately, Usagi reveals that she can't attend the meeting because she is going to Yokohama with Naru and Umino.

Usagi, Naru, and Umino find themselves outside a cemetery. Naru becomes sad, saying that Nephrite has no grave. She sees a priest and asks him for help. He assures her that Nephrite's soul was saved, and that she will find love again. Suddenly, Zoisite appears next to them, and Naru recognises him as the one behind Nephrite's death.

Having lost track of Naru, Usagi and Umino search for her. The Moon Stick, inside Usagi's bag, starts to flash. Luna arrives and tells Usagi that a Youma may be nearby, and to call Makoto for help. As Makoto hurries to find the cemetery, Usagi and Luna see Naru, Zoisite, and the priest. Although Luna tells her to wait for Makoto, Usagi transforms in order to protect Naru. Sailor Moon confronts Zoisite, but he uses the Black Crystal to remove the Orange Rainbow Crystal from the priest, transforming him into the Youma Boxy. Meanwhile, Zoisite tries to find where the Rainbow Crystal landed.

The Youma attacks Sailor Moon and Naru, but Umino arrives and knocks Naru out of the way. Tuxedo Mask appears too, rescuing Sailor Moon. Zoisite commands Boxy to attack Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. As Tuxedo Mask deflects the Youma's punches, Sailor Moon finds a star-shaped locket on the ground.

Makoto arrives in the cemetery and transforms into Sailor Jupiter, then weakens the Youma, giving Sailor Moon the chance to use Moon Healing Escalation. As the priest returns to normal, Zoisite sees that Tuxedo Mask has found the Rainbow Crystal. Tuxedo Mask flees, and Zoisite vows to take it back from him. Luna also insists that the Sailor Senshi should have the crystal.

Tuxedo Mask holds the Rainbow Crystal and transforms back into Mamoru, now aware of his two identities. Meanwhile, Naru bandages Umino's arm with the bandage she used for Nephrite, and says she will come back to school. While Usagi studies the musical locket she found, Makoto tells Luna that she is impressed by how much Usagi cares for her friends.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Mamoru discovered that he was Tuxedo Mask in this episode, and it was the first time his de-transformation was shown.
  • This was the first of only two episodes of the anime to feature a transformation sequence for Tuxedo Mask. The second was in episode 34.
  • This was the last episode to feature Heart Moving as the ending theme song.
  • The first signs of romance between Naru and Umino appeared in this episode.
  • The Orgel made its first appearance in this episode.
  • In the first English dub of this episode, Lita commented that she and Sailor Moon easily defeated Game Machine Man in the previous episode, and Raye thinks that this only was so easy because they were aided by Tuxedo Mask. This was a mistake, as Tuxedo Mask was not actually present in that fight.
  • The first English dub also did not show Usagi punching Umino.
  • Current Rainbow Crystal count: Zoisite (1), Tuxedo Mask (1), Sailor Moon (0)
  • This was the last episode of the Dutch dub to be shown in Belgium.


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