The Power of a Shining Star! Chibi Chibi's Transformation

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Sailor Aluminum Seiren attacks Sailor Moon and attempts to take her Star Seed, but she is saved by a new Sailor Senshi - Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon.


Episode Data
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon appears before Sailor Moon
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 輝く星のパワー! ちびちびの変身
Name (Romaji): Kagayaku Hoshi no Pawaa! Chibi Chibi no Henshin
Name (Translated): The Power of a Shining Star! Chibi Chibi's Transformation
Name (Dub): The Shining Power of a Star: Chibi-Chibi's Transformation
Episode Number: 187
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Miho Shimogasa
Air Date: September 14, 1996
Previous Episode: Chibi Chibi's Mystery? The Big Noisy Chase
Next Episode: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight

Makoto, Usagi, and Minako discuss the upcoming class-vs-class ball game at the school. Minako, of course, plans to play volleyball, but is excited to be playing with Taiki. Makoto is going to play basketball, but is quick to note that it is not just because Yaten is also playing. Ami appears and asks Usagi what she is going to play, but it turns out that she was not planning to play anything - until Seiya shows up and announces that she will be playing softball with him. Usagi objects and says she hates softball, and Seiya says that he will give her "special training". The other girls in the class, seeing this, are jealous, and Sonoko Ijuuin says she will deal with it.

After school, Seiya is ready to give Usagi her first lesson, but Rei is displeased about the whole situation. Rei insists that Mamoru is Usagi's boyfriend, but Usagi does not understand what she is talking about. The girls wonder if Seiya really intends to win; the other two Three Lights show up and say he always wants to win, but the girls tell them it is not likely, with Usagi on his team. As the practice progresses, Usagi displays her complete lack of athletic ability, and the others look on with varying degrees of amusement.

Sonoko arrives with the rest of the Three Lights Fan Club and declares that she can not stand to see Seiya with a girl like Usagi. She suggests a wager on the upcoming game: if her team wins, Seiya is no longer allowed to associate with Usagi. If the two of them manage to win, though, the fan club will allow their relationship. Seiya confidently states that they will win, much to Usagi's annoyance and dismay. She tries to point out that they are not dating, but her friends shush her, saying that once she loses and has to stay away from Seiya, that will give them the chance to "comfort" him.

In her throne room, Sailor Galaxia berates Sailor Aluminum Seiren for not delivering a Star Seed yet. Sailor Lead Crow tries to defend her fellow Animamate, but Galaxia is impatient with failure. Sailor Aluminum Seiren promises that she will do her best.

Seiya and Usagi practice for hours, with Chibi Chibi there to cheer them on. They finally stop well after dark, and Usagi comments on how beautiful the stars are. Seiya replies that a legend says that every person has a star shining inside of them, and he does not want to give up on Usagi because he likes the light of her star. Usagi insists that it is no use, because she can never stand up to an athlete like Sonoko, but Seiya tells her that if she gives up she has already lost. He adds that he hates to give up, and Usagi starts to look at least a little hopeful.

The next day, Minako and Rei take over from the announcer as the final game of the softball tournament begins, leaving Seiya's team against Sonoko's. In the meantime, Reiko Aya and Akane Karasuma arrive at the school in search of someone with a true Star Seed. As the game progresses, neither team manages to score, despite many errors made by Usagi; as the ninth inning begins a sudden rainstorm arrives, temporarily halting the game. Usagi is depressed because of how poorly she has been playing, but her friends and Seiya all cheer her on.

Usagi takes Chibi Chibi to use the restroom, and as she waits outside Sonoko stops by to talk to her. Sonoko says that she intends to hit the ball directly to Usagi, and Usagi admits that she might not be able to catch it. Even so, she says, she is determined to do her best because she does not want to lose. Sonoko looks surprised, but wishes her luck. Shortly after Usagi leaves, though, Sailor Lead Crow arrives. Usagi hears Sonoko scream and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon - but Sailor Aluminum Seiren was nearby and sees her.

Sonoko's Star Seed turns black, and Sailor Lead Crow departs, leaving the newly-transformed Phage Sailor Leaguer to deal with Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon manages to distract Sailor Leaguer briefly, but as she prepares to heal the Phage she is interrupted: Sailor Aluminum Seiren fires an attack from her bracelets, making Sailor Moon drop the Eternal Tiare as she dodges it.

Chibi Chibi sees this and runs out to grab the Tiare, dodging the Phage on the way. As the girl grabs the Tiare, though, a bright pink light emits from it, and the Inner Senshi, Sailor Starlights, and Sailor Galaxia all sense something important has just happened.

Eternal Sailor Moon floats through a field of stars and meets Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon; the two reach toward each other, and when their hands meet, Sailor Moon feels a new power. When the two Sailor Senshi reappear before the Animamate and the Phage, Sailor Moon uses the powered-up Moon Power Tiare and turns Sailor Leaguer back into Sonoko with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. Sailor Aluminum Seiren attempts to attack Sailor Moon for her Star Seed again, but the Sailor Starlights arrive and she retreats.

Now that the rain has stopped, the game resumes. Seiya manages to hit a home run, giving his team one point. Then Sonoko's team takes the field, and they fill the bases just before her turn at bat. She hits the ball directly toward Usagi, as promised, and Usagi manages to catch it - winning the game for her team.

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