TogeToge Jou

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Character Information
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Name: TogeToge Jou
Name (kanji/kana): トゲトゲ嬢
Alignment: Dead Moon
Species: Lemures
Gender: Female
Lives: The Dead Moon Circus tent
Occupation: Lemures under the command of CereCere
Family: Unknown
Associates: CereCere
Aliases: The Dream-Eating Rose
First Anime Appearance: Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: TogeToge
Actors: Nanae Sumitomo (anime)

TogeToge Jou was a Lemures used by CereCere when targeting Kamoi, a painter, for his Dream Mirror. She resembled a humanoid rosebush. Kamoi's Dream Mirror was gray and discolored because he had betrayed his dream of painting only the truth, so TogeToge Jou refused to eat it when ordered to. CereCere eventually forced the Lemures to consume it, which made the rose bud on the top of her head bloom.

Any powers or special abilities TogeToge Jou might have had were never revealed, as Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon destroyed her too quickly with the Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack.


  • The "Toge" part of her name means "thorn" (棘).
  • In the English dub, when TogeToge Jou was defeated she cried out, "I haven't even done anything!".