Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship

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Episode Data
Makoto discovers that Motoki has a girlfriend
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 大混線! グチャグチャ恋の四角関係
Name (Romaji): Daikonsen! Guchagucha Koi no Shikaku Kankei
Name (Translated): Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship
Name (Viz Dub): Total Chaos: The Messy Love Rectangle
Episode Number: 29
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Kiyoshi Matsumoto
Air Date: October 24, 1992
Previous Episode: Illustrations of Love! Are Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?
Next Episode: Grandpa Goes Crazy! Rei's in Jeopardy
First English Dub Episode
Name: Too Many Girlfriends
Number: 25
Company: DiC
Air Date: October 13, 1995
Previous Episode: An Artful Attack
Next Episode: Grandpa's Follies

Makoto falls for Motoki, only to discover that he already has a girlfriend, Reika. Makoto and Usagi face a moral dilemma when they find out that she is considering moving to Africa.


Makoto is caught in a rainstorm and collides with Motoki. He shares his umbrella with her, and mentions her reputation as a good cook. Keen to impress him, she offers to come to his house to cook and clean up. She tells him to write down his address, phone number, and favorite food. Later, Motoki has to stop at his school, and Makoto leaves. Motoki meets Reika, his girlfriend, who has to work late and miss their date. She asks Mamoru to take him for tea instead.

Over tea, Motoki tells Mamoru that Reika is considering going to Africa for her research. While he doesn't want her to leave, he doesn't want to get in the way of her work. He also asks Mamoru if he would like to try Makoto's cooking. Mamoru declines, and asks Motoki if he knows how Usagi feels about him. Motoki says that Usagi and Makoto are cute, but that they are like little sisters.

On Sunday, Makoto goes to Motoki's house and starts cleaning. She finds a picture of Motoki and Reika. Motoki says she is his girlfriend, and Makoto is devastated. The next day, she tells Usagi, who is also shocked. Makoto decides that they should both pursue Motoki regardless.

Usagi and Makoto go to the arcade, but are accosted by Mamoru. He tells them they have no chance with Motoki, but Usagi goes in anyway, only to find that Motoki is off work. Meanwhile, Makoto tells Mamoru that she knows Motoki already has a girlfriend. Mamoru lets it slip that Reika could be going abroad to study.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite shows Kunzite his next target: Reika. Kunzite comments on how beautiful she is, but is quick to reassure Zoisite that he is more attractive.

Makoto meets Reika, and tries to convince her to study abroad. The next day, Usagi and Makoto go to Motoki's house to cook for him. While they are there, Reika calls him and says she has made her decision. He goes to meet her, leaving the girls in the apartment. Hours later, he still hasn't returned. Luna arrives to check on them, and notices that the Moon Stick is reacting. Usagi and Makoto transform.

Motoki and Reika are cornered by Zoisite. He knocks Motoki out and removes the Blue Rainbow Crystal from Reika, transforming her into the Youma Rikoukeidar. While Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrive to battle the monster, Tuxedo Mask fights Zoisite for the crystal. Jupiter's attack is useless against Rikoukeidar, who merely collects the lightning and fires it back. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars join them, and weaken the monster enough for Sailor Moon to heal her. Zoisite tricks Tuxedo Mask into giving up the crystal and leaves.

Reika leaves for Africa, but she and Motoki resolve to continue their relationship. Usagi is touched and suggests that they should give up on Motoki. Makoto disagrees, and soon they are squabbling over him just as before.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Current Rainbow Crystal count: Zoisite (3), Tuxedo Mask (1), Sailor Moon (1).
  • In the R1 DVD release by ADV, in the exterior shots of Motoki Furuhata's apartment his family name was mistranslated as "Kohan," due to the fact the kanji can be read differently.
  • Usagi's preference of entering the game center by height was a reference to how Japanese schools will line up their students in class by height before they do certain activities, which was why Makoto asked if this was P.E. class.
  • There were several semi-hidden frames in this episode: when Makoto bumped into Motoki, there was a frame with Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi. When Makoto slapped Usagi, there was a frame with a super-deformed Usagi. When Luna crashed into the window, there was a frame with a super-deformed Luna. There also was a frame with a frog holding an umbrella and a frame with the word "Shock" written in English.
  • The store where Makoto bought her cooking goods at was named "7-12," a parody of the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores.
  • When Motoki said goodbye to Reika, an instrumental version of "Heart Moving" was playing in the background.


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