Un Nouveau Voyage

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Musical Information

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Name (kanji/kana): 美少女戦士セーラームーン -Un Nouveau Voyage- (アン ヌーヴォー ヴォヤージュ)
Name (romaji): Bishoujou Senshi Seeraa Muun -Un Nouveau Voyage-
Name (translated): Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -A New Voyage-
First Performance: September 18, 2015 (Tokyo)
October 2, 2015 (Osaka)
Last Performance: September 27, 2015 (Tokyo)
October 4, 2015 (Osaka)
Number of Performances: 21 (885-905)
Previous Musical: Petite Étrangère
Next Musical: Amour Eternal

Un Nouveau Voyage was the title of the third musical to star Satomi Okubo as Sailor Moon, which ran in the fall of 2015. The musical is based on the Infinity arc of the manga. This was the last musical for Momoyo Koyama, Kanon Nanaki, Yu Takahashi, Shiori Sakata, and Kokoro Kuge, and the last in which Satomi Okubo played Sailor Moon.

Musical Numbers[edit]

  1. Last Dance
  2. The Road to Mugen Gakuen
  3. In a Flurry
  4. The Awakening
  5. Chosen One
  6. Who Am I?
  7. Mystic Beauty
  8. Soroibumi!! Shiro Tsuki 5-rin Onna (excerpt)
  9. When Destiny Calls
  10. Eye of the Storm
  11. The Time is Near
  12. Making Up With You
  13. A Small Sparkle
  14. Confrontation of planets
  15. Light of Destruction – Scat of Destruction, Awakening
  16. Without Giving Up Hope
  17. Infinity Labyrinth
  18. A beam of Light
  19. A Chain of Thought
  20. Music of the Spheres
  21. Light of Destruction – Decline and Rebirth
  22. Un Nouveau Voyage

Service Numbers[edit]

  1. Starshine of Love (10-Senshi version)
  2. Sanjou!! Tuxedo Kamen
  3. Moonlight Densetsu



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