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Sera Myu Character Information
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Name: Undead Berserk
Name (kanji/kana): アンデッド・ベルセルク
Alignment: Death Vulcan
Species: Undead
Gender: Male
Lives: Tokyo
Occupation: Alchemist
Family: None
Associates: Death Vulcan, Count Dracul, Death Lamia, Death Mannetjes, Death Nightmares
Aliases: Professor Souichi Tomoe, Kuma, Stinking Berserk
First Appearance: Shin / Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi - Last Dracul Jokyoku
Actors: Ryuuji Kasahara

Undead Berserk was a villain from the Dracul arc of the Sailor Moon musicals who only appeared in Shin / Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi - Last Dracul Jokyoku. He was an undead humanoid beast at least 600 years old, an acquaintance of Count Dracul, and an alchemist who had once been a student of Paracelsus. Before the events of the musical, he took control of Professor Souichi Tomoe’s body and laboratory.

In his real form, Berserk was a strong and bloodthirsty warrior who wore black clothing with dark fur and silver armor. He was said to eat human flesh and intended to feed on the Guardian Senshi when they were under the control of the enemy. His personality would go back and forth between that of a composed and intelligent scientist and a raging beast thinking only of battle. He was compared to a bear by several characters. He wielded the Samael Sword and, if attacked, would enter a berserker rage. He was short tempered and a very proud man who reacted defensively when his abilities were questioned. Count Dracul often mocked him for his animal stench, his beast breath, and his behavior, calling him "Kuma" (熊; Bear). In return, though, Berserk mocked the Count's status as a vampire.

Like all the Undead, he hated humans for overrunning the Earth. He was subservient to the powerful being known as Death Vulcan who instructed him to create perfect Homunculi in order to replace the human race, though his first creations, the Death Mannetjes, turned out flawed because they were infused with inferior souls. This failure led him to understand that to create flawless Homunculi, he would need Pure Hearts. Although they were useless in his eyes, he still considered himself a sort a father figure to the Mannetjes and gave them multiple chances to redeem themselves by capturing Chibiusa. He even promised them to give them her Star Seed should they ever succeed, though they never did.

To help further his quest, Berserk allied himself with Death Lamia and her Death Nightmares, promising them blood in exchange for their services. He later tried to get Count Dracul to join his cause by promising that it would be his way out of his undead destiny. When he and the Count met, the latter expressed surprise that Undead Berserk was now able to talk like a human, to which he replied that he had discarded his beast form. While Berserk considered them old friends, the Count did not seem to have anything but contempt for him. He was very close to Lamia, enough so that some of their associates mistakenly believed they were married.

Although he fought against the Sailor Senshi and only pretended to be her father, Undead Berserk seemed to care about Hotaru, and tried to convince her of the righteousness of his plans.

In the final battle, he attempted to kill Sailor Moon but Dracul shielded her by taking the blow instead. Berserk continued the fight when Death Vulcan ordered him to, and after being hit by Sailor Planet Attack, he went into a berserk state and started attacking all around him, killing the Death Mannetjes in the process. He continued to attack the Sailor Senshi until he was destroyed by Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss.

He was later mentioned in Transylvania no Mori; Elizabeth Bathory said that he had no common sense and Baron Gilles de Rais added that he was unable to destroy the Sailor Senshi with the Samael Sword because he did not use it with the proper willpower.



  • Berserk's name, his thirst for battles, and his beastlike qualities were likely references to the historical berserkers.