Usagi's Awakening! A Message From the Distant Past

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Episode Data
Queen Serenity uses the power of the Silver Crystal
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): うさぎの覚醒! 超過去のメッセージ
Name (Romaji): Usagi no Kakusei! Choukako no Messeji
Name (Translated): Usagi's Awakening! A Message From the Distant Past
Name (Viz Dub): Usagi's Awakening: A Message from the Distant Past
Episode Number: 44
Director: Takao Yoshizawa
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Hisashi Kagawa
Air Date: February 13, 1993
Previous Episode: Is Usagi Going it Alone? The Sailor Senshi Get Into a Big Fight
Next Episode: The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle
First English Dub Episode
Name: The Past Returns
Number: 39
Company: DiC
Air Date: November 2, 1995
Previous Episode: Fractious Friends
Next Episode: Day of Destiny

The Sailor Senshi discover a portal to the Dark Kingdom, and are confronted by Kunzite. In the midst of battle they are transported to the Moon, where they are faced with visions of their past lives.


Luna charges down the street and to the open window of Usagi's bedroom, waking the girl from a dream about Tuxedo Mask to deliver important news: Sailor Venus and Artemis found the entrance to the Dark Kingdom's lair.

After gathering in the empty shop where Sailor Venus found the portal, the Sailor Senshi head into the cave-like tunnel, moving cautiously along as Luna and Artemis scout on ahead. While the cats are away Kunzite confronts the girls, saying that preparations are not complete to receive them at the Dark Kingdom, so instead he will take them somewhere more fun. Sailor Jupiter attacks him with Supreme Thunder, but he easily dodges and tells Sailor Moon to hand over the Silver Crystal. She responds with an angry demand that he tell her what he did with Tuxedo Mask. Kunzite declares that he will throw the Senshi into the chaos of multiple dimensions, where they could emerge anywhere in time or space. When the Senshi are struck by the blast of his power Sailor Moon loses her hold on the Moon Stick and Kunzite lunges to grab it, but the wand turns about and strikes him sharply on the hand before it tumbles after the Senshi with the Crystal glowing.

The Sailor Senshi fall helplessly through the dimensional portal before landing amidst a unfamiliar ruins. Sailor Moon looks around and wonders aloud where they are, and a voice responds, telling her that she is in the remains of the Silver Millennium. A miniature image of Queen Serenity appears, and she says that she is Sailor Moon's mother who revived Luna and Artemis and sent them to watch over the Sailor Senshi. Light flares all around them and images of the past appear.

Queen Serenity tells them that the purpose of the long-lived people of the ancient Moon Kingdom was to guard the Silver Crystal and watch over the progress of the people on the Earth. Sailor Moon was once Princess Serenity, the princess of the Moon Kingdom who loved the green plants of the Earth and often watched the planet -- and then fell in love with Prince Endymion of the Earth. One day he came to her, warning that many of the people of the Earth had fallen under sway of Beryl, a woman possessing the power of the evil entity Queen Metalia. He said that the Earth people were jealous of the people of the Moon and warned that they planned to attack.

Luna and Artemis run through the tunnels, worried that they cannot find the Sailor Senshi but determined to find the Dark Kingdom's hideout. They finally emerge in the midst of a blizzard and Artemis exclaims in shock that they must be at the North Pole.

In the memories of the past Prince Endymion slipped into a ball at the Moon Castle in disguise, in order to meet with Princess Serenity. He told her that since war was about to break out he couldn't allow his identity to be known, but passed on a warning about Metalia and Beryl and their plans. If they did nothing, he said, the Moon would be destroyed; when he asked Princess Serenity to help him she agreed, and the two of them embraced as tears leaked from Serenity's eyes.

The armies of the Earth kingdom, aided by Metalia's evil power, attacked the Moon Kingdom by surprise. The Sailor Senshi attacked Metalia, but their powers had no impact on her. Beryl watched the destruction, triumphantly declaring that this was the birth of her Dark Kingdom as the Shitennou, led by Kunzite, went into battle.

Queen Beryl found Princess Serenity and attacked, but was stopped by a rose thrown by Prince Endymion. Beryl was surprised that the prince of the Earth would defend the Moon Princess, and suggested that he marry her and rule the world. He refused, saying that she was being misled by Metalia, and she angrily announced that she would kill him as well. A blast of Metalia's power struck the palace, pulling Endymion away from the princess, but though he told her to stay back Serenity lunged after him, refusing to be separated. Even as they reached for each other, however, another blast of power struck them, killing both prince and princess.

Queen Serenity and the moon cats watched, weeping, as Queen Beryl gloated over her victory. After a moment the queen collected herself and attached the Silver Crystal to the Moon Stick. Luna warned her that if she used the power of the Crystal it would kill her, but Serenity insisted that her life was of no value when compared to peace. Queen Serenity lifted the Moon Stick, using the power of the Silver Crystal to seal away Metalia, Beryl, the Shitennou, and their armies.

At the North Pole, Luna and Artemis struggle through the blizzard, stubbornly insisting that they won't give up until they find the Dark Kingdom. They finally find an open pit full of darkness, and realizing that this is the entrance, the two cats realize they have to hurry back and tell the others. As they turn back, they find their way abruptly blocked by Kunzite.

The dying Queen Serenity told Luna and Artemis that the Silver Crystal in the hands of one with a pure heart can be used for peace, but when used by one with evil intent it can be a weapon of great power. She sealed away Queen Metalia, but she very probably would rise again someday. When that time came the only one who could prevail was a descendant of the Moon Kingdom, so the Queen ordered them to find Princess Serenity and give her the Moon Stick in order to protect the peace of the world. With a final wish that the princess and Senshi might find love in the future Earth, the queen released the Silver Crystal into the air, sending it away with the Princess, Prince, Senshi, and their court. The last of her strength spent, the Queen died, leaving the two moon cats sealed in sleep capsules until the time came that they would be needed.

With the message delivered the Sailor Senshi tumbled back through the dimensional portal to the tunnel they'd left, momentarily stunned by the information they had been given. They heard Luna and Artemis cry out as Kunzite attacked them and immediately sprang to the defense of the two cats. Sailor Moon again demanded that he return Tuxedo Mask, and Kunzite mockingly says he would be willing to do so in exchange for the Silver Crystal. He attacks the Senshi with boomerangs made of purple energy until Sailor Venus orders everyone to combine their powers to protect Sailor Moon.

The barrier they create is little protection against Kunzite's attacks, and Sailor Moon, seeing her friends' determination, steps forward with the Moon Stick. She uses Moon Healing Escalation but Kunzite resists, throwing another attack at the Senshi. Sailor Moon easily deflects the boomerang with the Moon Stick, and it flies back and strikes Kunzite instead. Dismayed that he has been defeated by his own attack, Kunzite calls out to Zoisite and vanishes.

Sailor Moon rushes to Luna, who tells her where to find the Dark Kingdom's hideout. Artemis says that they need to attack quickly before the Dark Kingdom grows in power, and Sailor Moon agrees that they need to go right away. The other Senshi declare their support, and they form up for battle.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This episode showed some similarities to Act 10 of the manga.
  • This was the only episode in which all four of the Shitennou appeared, although only Kunzite's appearance was credited.
  • This episode was the last appearance of Kunzite.
  • In this episode, two figures who appeared to be dressed like Sailor Senshi could be seen in the floating bubbles in which the moon people were encased by Queen Serenity's final use of Moon Healing Escalation. The identities of these two "Senshi" has provided fuel for many fan debates, but there is no canon evidence as to who they were.
  • In the first English dub, the scene in which Queen Serenity died on the cross-shaped fallen pillars was cut out.


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