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Usagi's Classmates refers to unnamed background characters who appeared mainly in the first season of the anime.

Female Student 1[edit]

Female Student 1.jpg

A female student of Juuban Municipal Junior High School, she was known to associate with Usagi Tsukino, Naru Osaka, and Gurio Umino. In the original Japanese series she was played by Mayumi Seto and was never named. In the first English dub, she was given the name "Loraine."

Despite being keen to lose weight, she was still quite confident in her appearance and apparently considered herself to be more attractive than some of her friends.

Along with Usagi and Naru, she was surprised to witness Haruna Sakurada's quick and apparently effortless weight loss. Umino informed the girls that Haruna had been attending the Shapelin gym, a recently opened gymnasium endorsed by the idol Rie Gotou. The girls were soon tempted to join the gym, particularly after they discovered that it was offering free membership. What they failed to realize, however, was that the business was part of an energy-harvesting operation controlled by Jadeite on behalf of the Dark Kingdom.

This student, along with Naru and another friend, eventually tired of the gym's more strenuous activities, and were invited by Jadeite (in the guise of an instructor) to try the gym's most advanced treatment, the Shape Ray. The three girls entered a row of pods which appeared to reduce their weight significantly, but also left them physically drained. They emerged from the pods looking tired and ill, but Jadeite insisted that they were now more beautiful, and should return for more treatment. Further treatment may well have been lethal, but fortunately that was prevented after Sailor Moon discovered the gym's true purpose and destroyed the operation.

She shared Naru and Umino's early mistrust of Ami Mizuno. After the mock exam results were published and Ami was ranked top in the whole country, she felt Ami was deliberately flaunting her academic prowess. It is not known whether, like the others, she later softened her attitude towards Ami.

The same character later appeared in episode 17, where she was impressed by Kijin Shinokawa's work, she considered taking advantage of Kariko Tokoyama's offer of free hairstyling in episode 36, and she was one of the many girls who developed a crush on Seijuurou Ginga when he appeared in episode 47.

Female Student 2[edit]

Female Student 2.jpg

This unnamed minor character appeared only in the first season of the anime. She was played by Naoko Nakamura in the original Japanese series, and by Julie Ann Taylor in the Viz dub; in those versions she was never given a name. In the first English dub, she was played by Wendy Lyon, and was given the name "Brandy."

She was a friend and classmate of Usagi, Naru, and another unnamed classmate at Juuban Municipal Junior High School. In her only appearance, she joined her classmates at the Shapelin gym, not knowing that it was a ploy by Jadeite to collect energy, and was sucked into his evil scheme with the promise of becoming beautiful.


  • These characters were never named on-screen or even in the guide books, despite appearing multiple times. They were usually credited as "Female Student" or "Girl." Two other classmates, Kuri and Yumiko, often appeared with them but were addressed by name.
  • In the first English dub, Brandy was mentioned to be dating a male student named Michael who was nicknamed "Motor Mouth."