Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius Michiru

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Episode Data
Usagi seeks help from Michiru
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): うさぎの憧れ! 優美な天才みちる
Name (Romaji): Usagi no Akogare! Yuubi na Tensai Michiru
Name (Translated): Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius Michiru
Name (Viz Dub): Usagi's Idol: The Graceful Genius Michiru
Episode Number: 93
Director: Hiroki Shibata
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Taichi Nakamura
Air Date: April 23, 1994
Previous Episode: A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou
Next Episode: Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle
First English Dub Episode
Name: Bad Harmony
Number: 86
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: June 15, 2000
Previous Episode: Driving Dangerously
Next Episode: Swept Off Her Feet

Concerned that she is not intelligent enough for the sophisticated Mamoru, Usagi seeks advice from Michiru.


Usagi arrives at Mamoru's apartment with a bag of burned cookies that she baked as a present. After ringing the bell and receiving no answer, she realizes the door is unlocked and enters the empty apartment. Once inside she admires the air of sophistication Mamoru's place gives off. While reading the title of one of his textbooks with some difficulty ("A Future Analysis of Genetic Engineering") she accidentally drops the cookies on top of the living room table, dirtying Mamoru's notes and carpet. Dismayed, she thinks to herself that Mamoru deserves better, and begins to cry just as he returns. Mamoru tries to console her by praising her cookies, which he eats with some effort, and assures Usagi that she is fine just the way she is.

Usagi is touched, but when she meets with her friends at the park she tells them about what just happened. To remedy the situation, she plans to become a better girlfriend and future princess by embarking on a "bridal training" that will consist of learning about genetic engineering from Ami, cooking from Makoto, English from Minako, and kimono-wearing from Rei. Makoto and Minako hurriedly excuse themselves and leave, and Ami advises Usagi to study for her upcoming science exams instead. Rei flat out refuses to teach Usagi anything, arguing she's already tried to show her how to wear a miko's robes plenty of times and Usagi always got it wrong. Luna sides with Rei, reminding Usagi that whenever she asks for their advice she ends up giving up soon after without having learned anything, and adds that at this rate Mamoru will never want to marry her. Usagi runs away in tears, leaving a troubled Luna to wonder if maybe she really wanted to change this time.

Walking around the park, teary-eyed and resenting Luna's harsh words, Usagi eventually arrives at a bandstand where Michiru is playing her violin while Haruka listens. The two girls start discussing their mission, which consists of finding the three Talismans that will summon the Holy Grail. Michiru points out that extracting the Pure Heart Crystals where the Talismans are sealed will mean death to their owners, and Haruka replies that it can't be helped, for their ultimate goal is to save the planet even if it means that some sacrifices will have to be made; she's nevertheless frustrated by the dilemma. Meanwhile, attracted by Michiru's princess-like image, Usagi comes closer to them, complimenting Michiru on her dexterity and gracefulness, and Haruka stops talking to avoid being overheard. She promptly decides to go for a motorbike ride to clear her head, leaving Usagi and Michiru alone for the first time.

Michiru takes Usagi to a local art gallery, where they get to know each other more closely. Usagi asks Michiru if she dreams of becoming a professional violinist, to which Michiru sadly replies that she isn't sure which path she should follow in life, but brightens up a little when Usagi says she feels the same way. They are interrupted by an admirer of Michiru's - as it turns out, the gallery is displaying one of Michiru's paintings. Usagi is in awe and decides she is nothing like her idol after all, speculating that Michiru probably feels lost because she has many different talents. She then attempts to imitate Michiru's violin playing none too successfully, which amuses the girl but makes Usagi feel worse about herself.

After meeting Haruka outside of the gallery, her new friends take Usagi to a café where she confesses her insecurities. Michiru encourages her to keep trying to become a better person, and gives her two tickets to a violin recital by Takuzou Igarashi that will take place that same evening, finally managing to cheer Usagi up.

Later that evening, Usagi and Mamoru arrive at the concert hall dressed up for the occasion. They are joined by the other girls and the moon cats, who apologize for not taking Usagi seriously. Though initially annoyed, Usagi's irritation soon turns to amusement when everybody offers their help: Ami even brought her music textbooks for Usagi to borrow, and Rei takes it upon herself to keep Usagi from dozing off during the recital. Having made up, they all enter the auditorium together.

In the meantime, Kaolinite has found her new target, and it is none other than Takuzou Igarashi himself. While the musician prepares for the performance in his dressing room, Professor Tomoe's newest Daimon Egg implants itself inside Takuzou's violin.

From their own private box, Haruka and Michiru use their theater binoculars to check out Usagi's boyfriend down in the arena. They are interrupted as the lights go out, signaling the beginning of the performance. Takuzou begins to play accompanied by the piano, but he has no sooner played the first few bars when his violin raises into the air, emitting a grating sound before turning into the Daimon Octave.

Octave uses her high-pitched voice to attack audience and musicians alike, rendering everyone but Mamoru and the girls unconscious. She easily removes Takuzou's Pure Heart Crystal from his inert body and starts to leave. Usagi and her friends reach the exit first, however, and transform. Octave emits new sound waves that weaken and paralyze the Sailor Team, then begins to play the violin strings on her belly, concentrating her attack into a focused beam that destroys everything in its wake. Before it can reach the Senshi, however, Tuxedo Mask appears, injuring Octave's bow hand with one of his roses. Sailor Jupiter uses Sparkling Wide Pressure, but the Daimon dodges it and the attack blows up part of the building's facade. Sailor Mercury warns Jupiter to be careful, reminding her of the innocent people inside of the concert hall. Octave taunts the Senshi by daring them to attack again, and the girls are forced to keep dodging her, too afraid to fight back, until the Daimon is suddenly struck by Deep Submerge.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive on the scene. Tuxedo Mask questions the two mysterious Senshi about their identities and the nature of their mission, but Sailor Neptune simply answers that they are in charge of finding the Talismans and that's all they need to know. When Sailor Mercury asks what exactly are the Talismans, Sailor Uranus dodges the question. As they speak, Octave fires new sound waves against Sailor Neptune, who is pushed out of harm's way by Sailor Moon. Sailor Neptune kindly thanks Sailor Moon for saving her, while Sailor Uranus retaliates by using World Shaking against the Daimon. Sailor Moon finally finishes her off with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune check Takuzou's Pure Heart Crystal, but can't find a Talisman inside. After dodging their fellow Senshi's questions one more time, they leave to return the Crystal to its rightful owner. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars express their frustration at the two Senshi's uncooperative disposition, but Sailor Moon remarks that they must be good people if they care about the well-being of Pure Heart carriers.

Later, as Mamoru and the girls leave the concert hall, Usagi expresses regret that the performance had to be cut short as a consequence of the attack. Mamoru says he'll make it up to her by inviting her to dinner, and the other girls quickly decide to tag along. Usagi is angry that her romantic night out is ruined, and becomes even more upset when the girls jokingly start fawning over Mamoru in response to her annoyance. Haruka and Michiru watch the scene from a pedestrian bridge nearby, amused by the cuteness of their antics.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Though the concert violinist was never given a name in the dialogue or the episode credits, the tickets Michiru gave to Usagi said that his name was "Takuzou Igarashi" (五十嵐卓三). This could possibly have been a tribute to Takuya Igarashi, who worked on several episodes of the S season.
  • In the Spanish dub, when Sailor Neptune attacked Octave, the first word of the original audio from her attack ("Deep...") could be heard before "Mares y océanos," the Spanish name of Deep Submerge.
  • The first time this episode aired in the Italian dub, Sailor Neptune called Sailor Moon by her civilian name, "Bunny." This was corrected when the episode aired again, however.
  • Also in the French dub, the scene in which Usagi hugged Mamoru in his apartment was cut.


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