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For me, helping out here is a way for me to go back and enjoy primary sources of Sailor Moon and to a certain extent exercise my Japanese skills. I'm not around here much but when I am, my favourite thing is to get new information onto pages. I also try to ensure pages that I visit are well-linked to help people find their way around a topic. Sadly, because I'm not here often, sometimes I forget how to do basic things... like those times I totally forgot that you cannot directly upload images even though I had known that years ago OTL... So, thanks to the mods for putting up with my forgetfulness ^^;;.

I hope this project continues even in the face of competing wikis. This one just looks nicer tbh >.>. So, hang in there everyone!

Other Fandom Stuff[edit]

Tsuki no Uta[edit]

I've recently been involved with a fan project to cover songs from Sailor Moon including the new Crystal series, SeraMyu, the old anime, and soon PGSM too! We come from all over North America and we've called ourselves Tsuki no Uta ^_^. All the mixing and video-edits are done by us as well.

Listen here~

LJ Sailor Moon Land Community[edit]

For anyone on livejournal that happens to stumble across my user page here, you might want to check out this Sailor Moon Land comm

When you join, you are put on one of three teams - Inners, Outers, and Chaos - and you compete as a member of your team in weekly media challenges (ie. photoshop, writing, etc) to get the most points for the month! It's really well-organized, everyone's very friendly, and most importantly, all the challenges that you compete in are Sailor Moon related! I used to be part of Team Chaos before my life got... well, too chaotic to keep up with the comm ^^;;. I really miss participating though!