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Random Info[edit]

-not that old, but not that young
-biggest moonie ever!
-lives in Illinois, but goes to school in Iowa
-Prefers Japanese sub, but likes a few dub episodes
-loves Sera Myu!
-would love to meet Hikari Ono
-currently a freshman in college, majoring in elementary education
-would totally cosplay as Sailor Moon at an anime convention
-dressed up as Luna at Halloween
-wishes that Tuxedo Kamen was real and could go out on a date with him
-85% of music on ipod comes from Sailor Moon
-has created a song about love for Sailor Moon, called "Just Call Out Moon Prisim Power"
-has converted 4 people into Sailor Moon fans! (working on one other person)

Sailor Moon likes and dislikes[edit]

Favorite Scout: Sailor Moon & Chibi Chibi I like them cause they are alot like me sometimes, plus Chibi Chibi is adorable!
Favorite Guy: Tuxedo Kamen What girl wouldn't want to go out with him?
Favorite Bad Guy: Prince Dimande He's the coolest villan ever!
Favorite Arc: All of them! Sure there are episodes that I don't like, but whatever!
Favorite Version of Moon: I think that the musical was amazing! The manga was really great! And the anime was totally awesome! The live action was pretty good too.
Favorite Musical character: Count Dracul He was a totally awesome character!
Least Favorite Scout: Sailor Venus I don't know why, I never liked her
Least Favorite Bad Guy: Pharaoh 90, at least in the anime. I don't know why, but I didn't really like that character.