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I found WikiMoon by accident one day, and decided that this was an absolutely cool way to share the Sailormoon experience with other fans. As you may have guessed, Chibiusa and Kousagi are my favorite Senshi. My favorite issues of the Sailormoon manga are the "Rini's Picture Diary" comics and of course, the Japanese only "Parallel Sailor Moon".

I love how Sailor Moon (and her daughters) are more realistic than most superheroes. Most comics feature superficial characters who's mindset from birth seems to be crimefighting, yet Sailor Moon is more like what would happen if the average Joe became the one person who could save it all.

Parallel Sailor Moon is one of my favorites for the simple whimsy of the tale, and for the fact that it blows the regular theories on the end of the series right out of the water!

It is my hope that this page will flourish, and gain ample notoriety throughout the Sailormoon fanbase.