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Axeile, 20, female
Singapore, South East Asia


My Sailor Moon Affair[edit]

I was introduced to Sailor Moon by the anime. I started watching the Mandarin version of the anime the day it was released in my country. I soon switched to the original Japanese anime. I have been in love with Sailor Moon for 15 years and counting.

I swear by the original Japanese manga and anime. I own the Japanese manga and dvd and most of the anime music albums.
I hate dubs. I am compulsively prejudiced towards users of the NA dub character names.
I do not watch the musical nor the live action.

I have an unhealthy - bordering on creepy - obsession with Sailor Moon.

I like to get facts right and I have a thirst for solid information. I think I'm a black and white person, which means I'll be eternally tormented by the vague identity of Sailor Cosmos. Apparently, Takeuchi-sensei thought it's a nice idea to have a character so ambiguous that even the creator, herself, isn't sure of her identity.

My favourites[edit]

Usagi/Sailor Moon; favourite incarnation: Neo-Queen Serenity
Usagi x Mamoru
PallaPalla (anime version)
senshi outfit is Super Sailor Moon's, closely followed by Sailor Cosmos's

My least favourite[edit]

Rei/Sailor Mars followed by Chibiusa (except when her presence/antics allows Usagi to impress people)
Mimete (anime version)
story arc is SuperS (it's centered around Chibiusa), tied with Sailor Stars (Mamoru's not in it, and Toei Animation screwed it up)


I'm a second year Math major at my university.

I suppose I am pretty much a geek. I like being on the computer. I lose a lot of things whenever I'm facing a computer monitor: my inhibitions, myself, my sense of reality, humanity, and track of time and things.

I'm easy going and usually cheerful and extroverted. I have an on-off switch. If I'm at home, my switch is off; when I'm with my friends, I switch on and I can yak all the way. I'm a Gemini, which sort of explains my synonymity with contradiction. I love singing, shopping and going to the arcade. I love Time Crisis 4 and DDR. I suck at Daytona but I blow my money on it anyway.

I believe I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, although various online personality tests seem to say otherwise. I get totally absorbed and obsessed with whatever addiction I get hooked on at the moment. I embrace my addictions with passion. I need to be occupied with an addiction at all times. I hate boredom. My addictions change frequently and the changes can occur quite suddenly. Geminis are said to be fickle.

I am a perfectionist. I cannot stand incompetence and stupidity. I am absolutely intolerant of bad English. I cannot stand incoherent writing, typographical errors, and any obvious lack of effort to proofread.

I am unable to co-exist (harmoniously) with anybody with an IQ level below 100. I do not like kids and I do have a tendency to bite people's heads off.


  • I see no resemblance between the last volume of the manga and the last few episodes of the anime. Toei screwed up the last story arc. That is a fact.