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Hi. I've noticed you've been re-adding Parallel Sailor Moon characters to the Senshi infoboxes. The consensus is that this information is not suitable for the userboxes, which gererally only deal with information from the anime, PGSM and regular manga continuities. Of course, we're still keen to have such information in the main body of articles - although it should be labelled as coming from Parallel Sailor Moon, and preferably in its own section. Also, some of the information you added to the Sailor Saturn article didn't appear to have any real basis in continuity (it was highly speculative). We like to avoid presenting fan theories as facts.

We're still formulating policy in the area of what is and isn't canon, but if you aren't sure how to proceed then just ask on an article's Talk page. This is especially important if you wish to add back information that has previously been deleted by another user. Dooky 13:44, 8 June 2006 (MST)

How to add images to the site[edit]

If you have any images you'd like to include, then you first need to upload them either to your own webspace, or to a service such as ImageShack. You can then create a link to them in the relevant article, using a table like this:

{| align=right border=1 style="text-align: center;"
| http://address-of-your-image
| style="background:#ffcccc" | Title of Image

Once this is done, one of the administrators can copy the image directly over to the WikiMoon server. Dooky 07:26, 14 June 2006 (MST)

In response to your query... I really just have to point you to the advice above. The WikiMoon server is password protected, so only admins can upload to it. If you don't have webspace then the best thing you can do is get an Imageshack account. dooky 08:08, 20 July 2006 (MST)