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Users have the option of moving pages to a new location. This is sometimes necessary, but users are advised to read this policy before moving pages, in order to get a better idea of when it is and isn't appropriate.

When to Move a Page

You might feel that a page is incorrectly named: perhaps there is a spelling mistake in the name, or it does not follow the site's established naming conventions. If you feel that this is the case, do not move the page right away. Instead, post a message on the talk page very clearly proposing the move, including the exact title that you suggest it should be moved to. (Example: "I propose that this article be moved to '[insert name here]' because of X, Y, and Z.")

Moving a page, particularly a popular one, is a big step and should be discussed before proceeding. If, after at least 24 hours, there is either no objection or a consensus in favor of the move, go ahead and move the page.


Users may move pages straight away if:

  • The page has been moved to an incorrect address in an act of vandalism
  • The user created the page themselves within the last 24 hours, and there are no edits on the page by other users; or
  • Nothing links to the current page (use the "What links here" feature to check this)

Moving Pages

To move a page, simply click on the 'move' tab, and enter the new address. The contents of the page will be transferred to the new address, while a redirect will be automatically created at the old address.

After the page has been moved, check the "What links here" link and make sure to fix all the links going to the page, so they aren't sent through a redirect to the old name. Please clean up after yourself and keep the site tidy.


Admins should be expected to follow these rules wherever possible, although they reserve the right to move pages if it aids the smooth running of the site. Reasoning should always be posted in the summary field, and spur-of-the-moment page moves should ideally only be carried out in exceptional circumstances.