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Website Information
Name: Suburban Senshi IRC
Type: Fanfiction
Webmaster(s): Dr. Xadium
Language: English
Status: Active

Suburban Senshi IRC is a fanfiction/parody site related to the Sailor Moon series. It was begun by "Dr. Xadium" in 2002 and is infrequently updated, but has a vibrant, active real-time RP community still active based on the site. Project WikiMoon was conceived by Dr. Xadium.

Suburban Senshi's primary premise as originally conceived was to depict the "unseen" lives of the Outer Senshi and other lesser known Sailor Moon characters. The Outer Senshi, for example, were generally portrayed as the exact opposite of their on-screen personae in private, becoming glamorous and "perfect" only in the presence of outsiders. Supporting characters like Jadeite and Professor Tomoe were largely left intact, with their natural tendencies simply exaggerated for comic effect. Over time, other characters such as the Inner Senshi, Sailor Animamates, and original characters have joined in.

A secondary purpose of the series was to plug continuity holes in the parent series, including explaining how the Inner Senshi made it to the 30th Century (and how they eventually returned), and reconciling inconsistencies between the anime, manga, and live-action universes.

Suburban Senshi's canon is extremely widespread, and crosses over with many other anime and television shows, such as Dragonball Z, Sakura Taisen, Doctor Who, and CSI. (The conceit is that these shows are considered "real-life" and that the TV versions were filmed about real-life events, e.g. Sailor Moon itself is considered to be an adaptation of the Senshi's lives, for which they are still awaiting royalty payments from Toei.)

Suburban Senshi has gone through many format changes since its debut in January 2002. Fanfics detailing the first and second "seasons" were distributed to USENET, after which time a blog was created, ostensibly made by Haruka and hijacked by the rest of the cast and formally started in August 2002. For two years, the "Suburban Senshi" used this format, until the creation of a new remix, Suburban Senshi IRC.

2005 saw the debut of Suburban Senshi IRC, wherein the Senshi moved on to interactive chats in the "#suburbansenshi" IRC channel. Excerpts of these chats were then posted on the Suburban Senshi blog. This format allowed for a more rapid-fire style of interaction between the Senshi characters (as opposed to them leaving comments for each other on the blog), and for a greater degree of comedy as a result. This change of mode led to a huge upsurge in popularity for the site, and has remained the primary thematic device for the series (i.e. the Sailor Senshi's place on the internet where they can just hang out and interact with each other).

At this time, chatrooms based on the fictional #suburbansenshi chatroom were opened for members of the public to join, wherein they could chat/roleplay with each other and interact with the Suburban Senshi themselves (as played by Dr. Xadium). Some of these chats were featured on the Suburban Senshi homepage.

By 2007, Dr. Xadium decided that the barebones IRC format was too opaque to new visitors, and did not immediately make it clear which characters were speaking, so the IRC style chat was abandoned in favor of an "iChat" format that allowed for avatars of the Senshi and colored speech balloons to be used in order to simplify matters for newcomers. By 2018, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord style chats had also been featured. Currently Discord is the favored chat style.

2007 saw Suburban Senshi exceed five years in continuous operation, making it longer in length than the parent series which spawned it. In addition to new Senshi chats added on a almost-daily basis, the site hosts webcomics, Sailor Moon art, an RP chat, a general DnD style event chat, and a communal "theater" where embedded video may be watched in conjunction with realtime chat for a "movie theater" like experience. Visitors may contribute their own fanworks based in the Suburban Senshi universe to the "Suburban Senshi Expanded Universe" area, which is being revamped, as the Live RP events are being allowed to shape canon L5R style.

As of 2018, it is still a going concern, with new chats being added on a sporadic but ever-growing basis. It even has a TV tropes page. The site itself now is also the host/sponsor of Project WikiMoon and Sailor Moon Forums.