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Witches 5 (ウィッチーズ5) was the name of a subgroup of the Death Busters, comprising Eudial, Mimete, Viluy, Tellu and Cyprine and Ptilol (the last two regarded as one person).


In the anime, the Witches 5 were in charge of finding the Pure Heart Crystals, first in order to locate the three talismans, and later to awaken the Messiah of Silence. However, none of them had significant success in these tasks. Even though Eudial managed to find two of the talismans, the Space Sword and Deep Aqua Mirror, she lost them later.

None of the Witches 5 were killed directly by the Sailor Senshi; they either died through their own inventions or were killed by another member of the Witches 5. Eudial, while escaping from the Marine Cathedral in her car, fell off a cliff into the sea because Mimete had sabotaged the brakes. (She never actually died on screen, but after her car went off the cliff was never seen again and thus was presumed dead.) Mimete used the Witches Electric Warp, Eudial's abandoned invention, to increase her power, but was "shut off" forever after Tellu pulled the plug with Mimete still inside the machine. Tellu was killed by her own creation, the giant plant Hyper Tellun. Viluy was "erased" by her nanomachines, which turned on her after Sailor Moon used Rainbow Moon Heartache to break the wristband in which they resided. Cyprine and Ptilol were tricked by the Sailor Senshi into annihilating each other.


In the manga, the Witches 5 were considered perfect Daimon hosts and worked under Kaolinite. They all vied for her position as Magus, and their main job was to collect souls for Master Pharaoh 90. They were all either teachers or students at Mugen Academy in their cover identities.


  • In the anime, all five of the Witches wore glasses when in civilian guise.
  • In the musicals, Damask often called Eudial, Mimete, Viluy, and Cyprine the "traffic light sisters," due to the colors of their outfits.
  • In the first English dub, they were referred to as "Witches 5 Research" and the "Bureau of Bad Behavior."
  • In the Portuguese dub, all of the Witches 5 were voiced by the voice actress Isabel Wolmar.
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