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Yuuka Asami

Yuuka Asami (朝見優香), previously known as Makiko Tsujimoto (辻本牧子), born December 6, 1975, in Osaka, Japan, was the sixth actress to play Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune in the Sailor Moon musicals. Her first performance was in 1999's Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban, and her last show was Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu in 2003 (although her last show as Sailor Neptune was Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth in 2002). After graduating from her role as Michiru, Yuuka returned as a guest during the 2002 Autumn Fan Kansha, performing two musical numbers.

Yuuka was the longest running Neptune, with more then twice the number of stages as Hiroko Tahara, and the tenth longest running Myu performer. She was just one stage behind the ninth longest Myu performer, Sanae Kimura, the first Sailor Uranus. She was also the oldest Neptune, graduating at the age of 26.

Since graduating from the musicals, Yuuka has also kept in close contact with former co-star Nao Takagi. The two have hosted joint fan events together.

Personal Trivia[edit]

  • Yuuka is 5'3" tall and is blood type A.
  • Her favorite jewel is ruby and her favorite colors are pink, green, and yellow.


Yuuka performed as Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune in the following musicals:

Yuuka performed as Jadeite in the following musical:


  • During the Fan Kansha for Mugen Gakuen, in response to a question asked of her, Yuuka said that she was not afraid of a battle as long as Sailor Uranus was there with her. Nao Takagi said that she (Nao) was afraid of "Kappa," which was Yuuka's nickname at that time.
  • During the 2000 Fan Kansha for the Transylvania no Mori kaiteiban, Yuuka was paired with Eri Kanda to sing "You're My Jewelry." Eri pretended that she had a picnic blanket and laid it out for Yuuka, while Yuuka sat down and Eri put her head onto her lap. Yuuka then pretended that there was a fly buzzing around them and "accidentally" slapped Eri in the face while trying to hit it.
  • During the Fan Kansha for the Ankoku no Princess Black Lady kaiteiban, Nao Takagi was paired with Nagisa Adaniya to sing "Gondola no Koibito-tachi." Nao could be heard apologizing to Yuuka, and while Nao was singing with Nagisa, Yuuka popped out from a trapdoor and pouted.