Act.19 Time Warp - SAILORPLUTO -

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Episode Data
Sailor Pluto confronts the intruders
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.19 タイム・ワープ - SAILORPLUTO -
Name (Romaji): Act.19 Taimu Waapu - SAILORPLUTO -
Name (Translated): Act.19 Time Warp - SAILORPLUTO -
Episode Number: 19
Manga Chapter: Act 19 Time Warp SAILORPLUTO
Animation Director: Yoshiyuki Ishikawa
Air Date: April 4, 2015
Previous Episode: Act.18 Shinryaku - SAILORVENUS -
Next Episode: Act.20 Crystal Tokyo - KING ENDYMION -

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Episode Trivia

  • This episode included the first appearance of Dead Scream. It would, however, not receive a fully animated attack sequence until Sailor Moon Eternal.
  • When Chibiusa confirmed that she was a princess, she was shown wearing a dress identical to Princess Serenity's. In the original anime, she actually wore a dress like this whenever she appeared in her princess form. As Sailor Moon Crystal was closely based on the manga, however, her actual dress as seen in Sailor Moon Eternal was of a different design and color.


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