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The Sailor Senshi head to Mugen Academy to confront the Death Busters, and there have to face Kaolinite and the revived Witches 5.


Episode Data
Sailor Moon embraces Sailor Uranus
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.34 無限8 「無限迷宮」1
Name (Romaji): Act.34 Mugen 8 "Rabirinsu Mugen" 1
Name (Translated): Act.34 Infinity 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 1
Episode Number: 35
Manga Chapter: Act 34 Mugen 8 "Labyrinth Mugen" 1
Animation Director:
Air Date: May 30, 2016
Previous Episode: Act.33 Mugen 7 Henshin SUPER SAILORMOON
Next Episode: Act.35 Mugen 9 "Labyrinth Mugen" 2

At the hospital, the doctor tells everyone that Chibiusa's heart has stopped and she has died, then leaves the room with the nurse. Usagi falls to her knees by the bed in shock as the Outer Senshi arrive and comment that her soul must have been taken. Usagi is stunned that Sailor Saturn, killed her, but Setsuna says that the Talismans haven't reacted, so Sailor Saturn has not awakened. Haruka says that the only way to save Chibiusa now is to kill Hotaru, because the Death Busters have turned her into a vessel. Though the others want to know if there is another way, the three Outer Senshi remain adamant and leave, saying they will kill Hotaru themselves. Usagi takes Chibiusa's hand, which is becoming cold. Mamoru says them they need to get her soul back before her body degenerates to the point that she cannot be revived, and tells them they need to take her back to his apartment.

Back at Mamoru's apartment, he links his body with hers, keeping her nominally alive despite the burden it will place on him. The others leave him alone with Usagi, and she thinks that she doesn't want to choose between Chibiusa and Hotaru, but she can't abandon the people of this planet. With tears streaming down her face she asks Mamoru what to do, and he kisses her; at the touch they see the vision of the ruined city with a shadowy figure in the center. He tells Usagi to save Chibiusa's soul and regain the Silver Crystal, and not to lose her hope, but wonders to himself if the figure he sees is the messiah or the "god of destruction."

As Mistress 9 muses to herself how uncomfortable her human body is, Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite arrive. Professor Tomoe says he was waiting such a long time for her to awaken within Hotaru, he was worried she never would. As he talks, Hotaru speaks from deep within Mistress 9, startling her. Kaolinite stares at her, wondering why she took so long to awaken. Mistress 9 turns to Kaolinite and comments that the other woman has made good efforts, but to now leave things to her, as she is the master's true partner. Kaolinite is unhappy, but promises to eliminate the outsiders as ordered. She stalks out of the room, determined not to lose.

Mistress 9, leaving thorn-covered vines and roses strewn in her wake, goes to speak to Pharaoh 90, who is awed by the great power she brought him. She tells him of the Silver Crystal, and thinks that it seems to hold something mysterious within. She hears Hotaru's voice say that the crystal is protected by Sailor Chibi Moon's pure spirit, and wonders if she is imagining things. Deep within, wrapped within thorny vines, Hotaru's spirit watches.

In the principal's office of Mugen Academy, Kaolinite stands before an altar in the center of a circle, casting a spell and calling upon the Witches 5. Five figures rise from the wax she spills on the table, followed by playing cards bearing images of the Inner Senshi, and she says she will put a curse on them that can never be lifted.

Usagi rejoins her friends outside of Mamoru's apartment, and they say they need to go to Mugenzu and get Chibiusa's soul back. When they arrive, however, they find Mugen Academy darkened and completely covered in vines; Sailor Mars senses it is full of dark spirits, and after examining it with her visor, Sailor Mercury comments that the strange power in the area is forming a dome shaped like an omega over Sankakusu. As they go forward, Sailor Moon pauses for a moment, thinking about the Outer Senshi, and wonders if their hearts will never be one.

In the meantime, Sailor Uranus is thinking of Sailor Moon, and how she is sorry that they must go kill Hotaru.

Kaolinite holds a Taioron Crystal amulet, watching the Sailor Senshi arrive with a self-satisfied smirk. When they enter the lobby, they are shocked to find Cyprine and Ptilol there to welcome them to the "Infinite Labyrinth."

Sailor Mars suddenly finds herself alone with Eudial, who accuses her of having no manners. She attacks and knocks Sailor Mars down, saying that the Senshi lacks fighting spirit and doesn't really want to fight for Sailor Moon, she would rather be practicing martial arts or divination. Sailor Mars gasps and doesn't respond.

Sailor Mercury runs by herself down a hallway, then suddenly finds herself in front of a massive computer and is momentarily caught up in awe at the sight. Viluy appears and attacks, entrapping Sailor Mercury in the bubble of her Mosaic Buster attack. She notes that Sailor Mercury has been forced to waste her time fighting, when she would much rather be studying. Sailor Mercury thinks that it is true, she needs to study more if she wants to get into medical school.

Sailor Venus clutches her head in pain and drops to her knees as she is assailed by a painful sound. Bright lights turn on and she is on a stage with Mimete, who is introducing the Senshi as a special guest at her idol concert. A microphone appears in Sailor Venus' hand as the audience chants her name, and Mimete encourages her to sing, because it was always her dream. Venus thinks that this is her chance, and she can quit being a Senshi now.

Sailor Jupiter stands in a greenhouse, surrounded by plants. Tellu greets her and tells her that she doesn't need to fight, encouraging her to look around. Sailor Jupiter is entranced by all the different varieties of roses, and realizes that she doesn't care about fighting anymore. She just wants to stay there forever, thinking of her dream of spending time in a rose garden with the one she loves. Sailor Jupiter collapses onto the ground and Telluns bloom all around her as Tellu watches, smirking.

Sailor Moon turns quickly and realizes with dismay that her friends have all vanished. Images of the four Senshi appear before her, battered and bruised, and as they begin to melt, they say that it is her fault and they won't fight anymore. Chibiusa materializes in front of Sailor Moon and wraps her hands around the Senshi's throat, saying that everything is her fault. The Outer Senshi appear and ask if Chibiusa needs any help, because they think Sailor Moon is annoying as well. Mamoru arrives and says he will destroy Chibiusa and Hotaru, then Usagi.

At his apartment, Mamoru senses that Usagi is falling under the enemy's spell, and calls out to her to not be tricked.

Sailor Moon realizes it is all an illusion, and uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack. The attack dissipates the images, and she finds herself standing all alone.

Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto fight their way through the thick vines around Mugen Academy, frustrated by their lack of progress. Sailor Neptune looks into her Deep Aqua Mirror and sees the Inner Senshi trapped in a large column.

At the same time, Sailor Moon discovers her friends, then turns to see the Witches 5 behind her only a second before Eudial lunges to attack.

Realizing Sailor Moon's danger, Sailor Uranus uses Space Sword Blaster to force her way into the school.

Sailor Moon struggles to evade the attacks of all of the Witches, and is finally caught by Viluy's Mosaic Buster. Sailor Neptune arrives and uses Submarine Reflection to destroy the enemies and free Sailor Moon, and Sailor Pluto uses Chronos Typhoon to free the other Inner Senshi. When she sees the three Senshi, Sailor Moon runs toward them and embraces Sailor Uranus, saying that she knew they would come. The Inner Senshi are amazed that the others saved them, and Sailor Neptune says that they are all Senshi. Tears run down Sailor Moon's face as she remembers their past interactions, and thinks that she always trusted them. Sailor Uranus in turn thinks that she couldn't abandon the others, because they had wanted to fight together for a long time.

In his apartment, Mamoru tells them to join forces and fight together. When they bring their powers together, the impossible becomes possible.

The eight Senshi join hands and say that if they become one, they can do anything. Sailor Moon calls upon the Holy Grail, which appears before her, and with the encouragement of the other Senshi she powers up into Super Sailor Moon with Moon Crisis, Make Up. Sailor Neptune checks her mirror and calls for them to go upstairs, to the principals's office. As they burst in the door the cards vanish from before Kaolinite, who is angry that they have broken her spell. She mutates into her Daimon form and attacks, and Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus use Jupiter Coconut Cyclone and Venus Wink Chain Sword to block her. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars use Mercury Aqua Mirage and Mars Snake Fire, and the angry Daimon retaliates with a blast of energy. The Outer Senshi block the attack and call to Sailor Moon, who uses Rainbow Moon Heartache to destroy Kaolinite. Sailor Moon declares that no matter what, she will never lose hope, and tells everyone to search for Hotaru.

Mistress 9 observes that Sailor Moon has made her way into their base and destroyed Kaolinite, and says that the time has now come to turn the Omega Area into their home. She declares that they have nothing to fear now that they have the power of the Silver Crystal, then swallows the crystal.

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