Ayaka Komatsu

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Ayaka Komatsu

Ayaka Komatsu (小松彩夏), born July 23, 1986, in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, is an actress who played Minako Aino/Sailor Venus/Sailor V/Princess Sailor Venus in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

The eldest among the Senshi actresses, she also played Sailor Venus, the Senshi's leader. Before her PGSM work, she had little exposure in the entertainment world. However, her career took off simultaneously with PGSM, and now she has become a fairly famous idol-artist on TV, movies, and stage dramas, with numerous magazine appearances and idol products of the sexy swimsuit genre.

Together with Alisa Yuriko Durbrow, she was also the star model of the now nonexistent CANDy teen fashion magazine.

Personal Trivia[edit]

  • She keeps an Artemis plushie beside her pillow at her home in the Iwate Prefecture.
  • Her signature looks similar to Minako Aino's.
  • Like Minako Aino, she often goes to hospital for medical checkups and treatment, but unlike her character, she does so for relatively minor problems only, and partly because her work requires her to be in good physical condition.
  • She is the second Senshi actress (after Mew Azama) listed in the annual Japanese new year calendar catalog (for the consecutive years of 2007 - 2011).
  • She appeared for a brief moment in a commercial on TV in Japan in the 2006 film Babel, and was invited to attend the film's Japanese premiere because of that.
  • She did not know the actual Sailor Moon storyline and had to have it explained to her by Miyuu Sawai during the audition.
  • She graduated from an agricultural high school.


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