Dark Agency

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Evil Group Information
Name: Dark Agency
Name (Kana): ダーク・エージェンシー
English Name: Dark Agency
Commander: Danburite
Supreme Leader: Queen Metalia
Origin: D Point, near the North Pole
Subgroups: None
Important Members: Fluorite
Season (Anime): N/A
Arc (Manga): Codename: Sailor V
Monsters of the Day: N/A

The Dark Agency was a subsection of the Dark Kingdom. It dedicated its resources to gathering energy for the Dark Kingdom, mainly using idols in their plans. They were led by Danburite, one of Kunzite's underlings, and were the major villians of Codename: Sailor V.

Unlike most of the other villain groups in the Sailor Moon series, the Dark Agency's actions were shown to affect not only Japan, but other nations across the northern hemisphere, including Greece and China.