Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Senshi

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Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten question whatever or not Sailor Moon can be trusted. Later, Usagi and Makoto are invited to attend a cooking show with Taiki, which ends up disastrous when Usagi tries to get involved with the cooking. Soon afterwards they have to face Sailor Chef at the TV studio.

Episode Data

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Original Episode
Name (Kana): 敵? 味方? スターライツとS戦士
Name (Romaji): Teki? Mikata? SUTAARAITSU to Sailor Senshi
Name (Translated): Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Senshi
Name (Dub): {{{Name (Dub)}}}
Episode Number: 179
Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Motoki Yoshimura
Animation Director: Minako Ito
Air Date: 29th of June, 1996
Previous Episode: Luna Saw it! The True Idol Yaten
Next Episode: Brightness of Calling Stars! Haruka and Michiru's Entry into Battle

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