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Flower Youma (花妖魔; Flower Demon) is a collective term for at least four different varieties of plant-like humanoids. These were seen exclusively in the Sailor Moon R movie.


Glycina in flower form

The precise origin of Flower Youma was not known, although certain varieties were known to the people of the Silver Millennium. Flower Youma fed directly off the energy of other species, and had been known to devastate entire planets while feeding. Most known varieties closely resembled human females in both size and shape above the torso, albeit with dark blue hair and unusually pale skin. Features above the torso were near-identical in these varieties, but each type had a vastly different lower body and method of motility. The known varieties were referred to as Dahlian, Glycina, Campanula, and Xenian Flower. The last of these varied most significantly from the other types of Flower Youma, having by far the least threatening physical form, but a highly developed intellect and the ability to influence and control the thoughts of other sentient beings.



The Dahlians were apparently the weakest Flower Youma individually, but made up for this weakness by operating in very large numbers. Their lower bodies were snakelike and they were highly agile, displaying the ability to move as a single mass when required.



The Glycina variety of Flower Youma were much more powerful, and able to operate alone. In their dormant form, only their lower bodies were visible, consisting of six legs that were almost insectoid in nature. When necessary, they could grow to full size and reveal their humanoid upper bodies. Their arms could transform into energy-draining vines, and the energy they collected was stored in a large flower on their backs.



The Campanula variety of Flower Youma bore the closest resemblance to humans of all known varieties. They were able to fly at great speeds, and could extend blades from their arms for defensive purposes.

Xenian Flower

By far the most deadly Flower Youma known to exist, Xenian Flowers were physically tiny, consisting of a small humanoid upper body sprouting from a flower. They were, however, able to command other Flower Youma and exert psychic control over some humanoids. Once bonded with a humanoid, they could achieve a degree of symbiosis with them. Xenian Flowers were once described as the single most destructive species in the galaxy.

Attack on Earth

An unusual asteroid containing thousands of Flower Youma and their seeds was once sighted near Earth. The naive alien Fiore, who briefly befriended Mamoru Chiba in his childhood, had fallen under the control of a Xenian Flower, and had developed an obsession with punishing the people of Earth for their perceived abandonment of Mamoru. Initially, some Glycina seeds fell from the asteroid and sprouted on Earth. The activity of the Glycina that landed in Tokyo was enough to get the attention of the Sailor Team. Later, Tuxedo Mask was abducted by Fiore and taken to his asteroid. The Sailor Team followed, and were attacked by hordes of Flower Youma, primarily Dahlians. Many of the Flower Youma were destroyed by the Sailor Team, although they seemed able to replenish their numbers very quickly. Most, however, died off when Tuxedo Mask attacked Fiore and briefly disrupted the Xenian Flower's control over him. The Xenian Flower itself was destroyed by Sailor Moon's use of the Silver Crystal.


  • The Flower Youma are not connected to the monsters employed by the Dark Kingdom, referred to as Youma.