For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Dark World

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The Sailor Senshi, trapped in the mirror world, battle Queen Nehellenia and the Mirror Paredri.


Episode Data
Sailor Jupiter defends the bespelled Usagi
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 愛ゆえに! 果てしなき魔界の戦い
Name (Romaji): Ai Yueni! Hateshinaki Makai no Tatakai
Name (Translated): For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Dark World
Name (Dub): For Love: the Endless Battle in the Dark World
Episode Number: 171
Director: Hiroki Shibata
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Takayuki Gorai
Air Date: April 27, 1996
Previous Episode: The Fateful Night! The Agony of the Sailor Senshi
Next Episode: Moon Love Power! The End of the Nightmare

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars are running through a dark forest when Sailor Neptune suddenly senses a presence. Queen Nehellenia creates a wall of purple fire that encircles the pair and then constricts, starting to singe the edges of Sailor Mars' sailor fuku. While she is distracted by that, Sailor Neptune attacks Nehellenia with Deep Submerge; the evil Queen easily dodges the attack, but it distracts her enough that the flames vanish. Sailor Neptune observes that they can't be fooled by such simple illusions, and Sailor Mars pretends to agree, while inwardly feeling abashed that her intuition is so poor, and wonders if it's because Sailor Neptune has more experience.

Queen Nehellenia then surrounds them with darkness, then uses her hair to entrap Sailor Neptune and drag her closer. Sailor Mars starts to use Mars Flame Sniper, but Nehellenia pulls the captive Sailor Senshi up to use as a shield, tormenting Sailor Neptune and taunting Sailor Mars with the fact that if she shoots, she'll hit her fellow Senshi as well. Sailor Neptune yells for Sailor Mars to shoot, because their duty to protect their princess is more important than her life. Sailor Mars realizes that she doesn't have time to waste, because Usagi is in danger. She readies her attack once more and fires, her aim good enough that she misses Sailor Neptune and strikes Queen Nehellenia instead. The Queen is revealed to be only a Mirror Paredri in disguise, and the illusion disappears, leaving the two Senshi in the forest once more. Sailor Mars' triumph at her success is short-lived, though, as the two of them both collapse from exhaustion and are trapped in Queen Nehellenia's mirrors.

In her throne room, Queen Nehellenia laughs at the two Senshi, then turns her attention back to where Usagi walks barefoot through a snowstorm in search of Mamoru. Queen Nehellenia comments on how cold her mind and body must be, and offers a chance to rest. With a wave of her hand, the snow disappears, replaced by a field of flowers.

Sailor Pluto and Sailor Venus race through empty ruins, trying to avoid the Mirror Paredri that appear around every corner. They find themselves on the edge of a deep ravine, with only a narrow, rickety bridge offering a path across. Sailor Pluto says that she will hold off the enemies while Sailor Venus crosses to the other side. She says that Sailor Venus, as a leader, is more important, and someone has to protect their princess. Sailor Pluto attacks the Mirror Paredri, and Sailor Venus hesitantly starts across the bridge.

As Usagi looks around the field in confusion, the flowers start to talk to her, asking if she's looking for something. She starts to talk to them, asking if they saw Mamoru, but once she mentions that he is under Nehellenia's curse they immediately become frightened and suggest that she forget about something so scary. When Usagi says that she has to go, she suddenly realizes that she doesn't remember where she was going, or who she was looking for. The flowers suggest that she stay with them and forget about all the bad things. Usagi slowly drops to her knees, her eyes going blank.

As Sailor Venus carefully makes her way across the bridge, one of the boards gives way, and she glances back to see Sailor Pluto being overcome by the Mirror Paredri. She thinks about what Sailor Pluto said about her being a leader, then runs back and joins the fight. She distracts the enemies long enough to grab Sailor Pluto and run back across the bridge, but before they can cross the ravine the weathered ropes snap and the Senshi and the Mirror Paredri fall into the chasm. Thinking quickly, Sailor Venus uses Venus Love-Me Chain to grab hold of the edge, holding on to Sailor Pluto's hand. Sailor Pluto chides her for her actions, but Sailor Venus says she wouldn't be a good leader if she left her companion behind; her order as the leader is to save their princess together. When she glances up, though, Sailor Venus finds that Queen Nehellenia has taken hold of the other end of the chain; she releases it and the two Senshi fall into two more mirrors.

Queen Nehellenia gloats over how even the princess of the White Moon can't escape from her nightmare, but says that isn't enough: Usagi has to be hurt much, much more, as revenge for her own humiliation. As Usagi stares obliviously at the flowers around her, Nehellenia lunges forward - but her hand is suddenly caught by Sailor Jupiter, who attacks in turn, forcing the Queen to retreat. Sailor Jupiter attempts to wake Usagi, but Nehellenia only laughs and says that if Usagi wanted to wake, then she would; since she isn't waking up, that means she wants to stay in the happy dream. Sailor Jupiter refuses to believe that, though, and attacks, but Nehellenia only taunts her, saying that nobody can defeat her within the palace of her nightmares. The Queen declares that all she has to do is eliminate the light of the White Moon, but Sailor Jupiter jumps in front of Usagi and protects her from the attack. She declares that she is willing to protect Usagi, because she always sacrifices herself to protect everyone else, and asks if Nehellenia has a friend she's willing to protect.

Queen Nehellenia remembers Sailor Moon leaping from the remains of the Dead Moon Circus in order to save Sailor Chibi Moon and becomes angry; she hurls bolt after bolt of black lightning at Sailor Jupiter, as the Senshi refuses to move away from her friend. She is finally overcome and collapses, and one of her earrings falls to the grass. Queen Nehellenia declares that she doesn't need friends, and seals Sailor Jupiter into a mirror. As she does, Usagi's attention falls on the rose-shaped earring, which makes her start to remember the red roses that Tuxedo Mask used. Her memory returns, and she rises to her feet again, the dream shattering around her. Queen Nehellenia is momentarily dismayed, then tells Usagi that she can't reach her palace and the prince within, and covers the entire walkway with a thick mass of thorny vines. Usagi doesn't hesitate, and begins to push her way through.

Nehellenia watches Usagi's struggle and mocks her efforts, saying that the girl's bloody body is all that she wants to see. Just then, though, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn appear, and before she can react Sailor Saturn puts the Silence Glaive to the Queen's throat and demands that she release the prince and princess.

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