La Llegenda de la Llum de la Lluna

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La Llegenda de la Llum de la Lluna was the opening theme song for the first four seasons of the Catalan dub of the Sailor Moon anime that aired in Spain. The song was a translation of "Moonlight Densetsu." It was sung by Anna Herebia. A new edition of the song was released by the channel which aired the anime on the "Superclubidibudà" CD, with a recomposed melody and extended lyrics.



Et parlaré només a dins un somni.
Soc incapaç de dir-te el que sento.
El pensament, de cop, s'ha tornat borni.
Voldria veure't al meu costat.

No ploraré a sota la lluna
ni et trucaré amb qualsevol excusa.
A dins del cor, hi duc un veritable
calidoscopi de colors.

I la lluna ens va guiar per aquest camí
milers de cops al nostre passat.

Pluja d'estels, acluca l'ull i compta:
revelarà quin destí m'espera.
Amor nascut al món amb nosaltres.
Meravellós romanç d'amor.
Miracle de l'amor.
Meravellós romanç d'amor.

English Translation

I will talk to you only in a dream.
I am unable to tell you my feelings.
That thought suddenly appeared.
I would like to see you by my side.

I won't cry under the moon
and neither call you with any excuse.
In the depth of my heart I carry a true
kaleidoscope of colors.

And the moon guided us on this way
thousands of times into our past.

A meteor shower, close your eyes and count:
it will reveal what destiny awaits me.
Love born in same world as us.
Wonderful romance of love.
Miracle of love.
Wonderful romance of love.