Marie Buraidaru

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Character Information
Name: Marie Buraidaru
Name (kanji/kana): 舞頼堕流マリエ
Alignment: Civilian
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lives: Tokyo
Occupation: Mangaka
Family: Shinrou Baishaku (husband)
Associates: Shinrou Baishaku
Aliases: Marie-sensei
First Anime Appearance: N/A
First Manga Appearance: Pet Chapter 2, Wan-Wan's Schemes!
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Marie Buraidaru
Actors: N/A
Marie Buraidaru

Marie Buraidaru was a Codename: Sailor V-only character. She was a famous mangaka (漫画家; comic writer) of whom Minako was a huge fan. Marie-sensei had a huge crush on her editor, and the protagonist and the protagonist's boyfriend of her manga series Aurora ♥ Wedding looked like her and her editor, respectively.

Marie-sensei was a fan of Phantom Ace because he also looked like her editor. She wore big swirly glasses like Amano, Umino, and Princess Dia, and like Princess Dia, her glasses fell off at one point in the story, revealing her true beauty. She kept a dog called Luna-chan, who was really the enemy Wan-Wan.


  • The honorific "sensei" (先生; lit. "born before me") is commonly applied to teachers, but can also be used for people who have mastered a particular art form, skill, or profession, and Marie-sensei was given that respect as a famous mangaka.