Moon Tiara Stardust

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Moon Tiara Stardust
Attack Name: Moon Tiara Stardust
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ムーン・ティアラ・スターダスト
English Name: N/A
Performed by: Sailor Moon
Item Required: Tiara
First Used (anime): A Youma's Scent! Chanelas Steal Love
First Used (manga): N/A

Moon Tiara Stardust was an anime-only attack that only appeared once, in episode 5, where it reversed the effect of Iguara's magic on the Chanela owners.


  • It was never made clear why Sailor Moon never used this attack again, though it is possible that its use was only limited to very specific circumstances. This could be a less powerful version of Moon Healing Escalation, since both attacks involved purifying humans controlled by the Dark Kingdom.