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# [[Magus Collection]]
# [[Magus Collection]]
# [[Sailor War|Sailor War '94]]
# [[Sailor War|Sailor War '94]]
# [[Seijaku no Hoste (Seitai)]]  
# [[Seijaku no Hostie (Seitai)]]  
# [[Broken Möbius]] (Talisman Version)  
# [[Broken Möbius]] (Talisman Version)  
# [[The World Died Out]]
# [[The World Died Out]]

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Musical Information

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Name (kanji/kana): 無限学園~ミストレス・ラビリンス~
Name (romaji): Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth
Name (translated): Infinity Academy - Mistress Labyrinth
First Performance: July 21, 2002
Last Performance: September 2, 2002
Number of Performances: 41 (663-703)
Stage: Fourth
Previous Musical: 10th Anniversary Festival - Ai no Sanctuary
Next Musical: Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth (Kaiteiban)

Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth was the fourth Sera Myu to star Marina Kuroki as Sailor Moon. It was the Summer 2002 musical, and also part of the Sailormoon 10th Anniversary celebration. The musical was based on the Infinity arc of the manga, with slight differences, including the addition of the Hoshino family.

It was the first musical of Mai Watanabe, Mizuki Watanabe, Ruria Nakamura and Tomoko Inami, the final musical for Megumi Yoshida, Nao Takagi, and Kenji Urai, and was also the only musical in which Nanami Ohta appeared.

This musical was released on VHS (both regular and special preorder versions), and DVD.


Musical Numbers

  1. Usagi Love Magic
  2. Unubore Shoujo ga Yatte Kita!!
  3. Isei Nottori Keikaku
  4. Triangle Secret
  5. Tuxedo Mission
  6. Harsh! Saint Cry!! (Re-Arrange)
  7. Chinmoku no Hameln
  8. Usagi to Yonin no Zureru Omoi
  9. Destined Couple
  10. Magus Collection
  11. Sailor War '94
  12. Seijaku no Hostie (Seitai)
  13. Broken Möbius (Talisman Version)
  14. The World Died Out
  15. 21st Now Millennium - Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai
  16. Hereafter...