Onna no Ronsou

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Onna no Ronsou (女の論争 ; "Women's Dispute") was a song from the Sailor Moon musicals Eien Densetsu, Shin Densetsu Kourin, and Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin - The Second Stage Final. It was a duet between Queen Beryl and Sailor Pluto, in which they sang about their shared unrequited love for Prince Endymion.

The song is almost conversational in its structure, as Beryl and Pluto have verses that reply to the other. String instruments, piano, and some brass instruments are used. Beryl's verses are more urgent-sounding, and Pluto's are pleading and regretful.




叶わぬままに 私も愛して

わたしにとって 憎むことは愛すること

もう一度 愛に返して




Dareka wo honki de aishita toki ni
Hajimete kokoro no katachi ga mieru

Anata ga aishita sono hito wo
Kanawanu mama ni watashi mo aishite
Kodoku no katachi wo mitsuzukemashita.

Fukaki sadame to shinjita ai wo
Muzan na uragiri de ayameraretara
Kono mi wo sasaeru no wa nikushimi dake
Watashi ni totte nikumu koto wa aisuru koto

Ai no keshin no nikushimi naraba
Mou ichido ai ni kaeshite

Ai wo kouta koto mo nai onna ni
Kono kanashimi ga wakaru mono ka

Wakarimasu to mo
Kataranu ai mo kanashii mono...

English Translation

When somebody truly is loved
For the first time, the shape of their heart is unveiled

That person with whom you fell in love
While I was standing alone, I too loved him
But I continued to see the figures of loneliness.

After my deep destiny and the love I believed in
Was destroyed by cruel betrayal
What is sustaining this body became nothing but hatred
Hatred became love to me

If your love has been reborn as hatred
Then change it back into love

How can this pain be comprehensible
To a woman who has not even desired love

I understand and
Unrequited love is also a painful thing...